16 Jun

Another Square Dance Wordle

A few weeks ago, I did a post on Wordies. I just now found one that Clark Baker did using square dance call authors. It’s pretty telling.

Wordle: Square Dance Call Authors

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11 Jun


Marshall Flippo comes to Albuquerque once a year to call a dance; he’s been doing that ever since I can remember…and many years before that.

Here’s a nice article about Marshall, and, because Marshall’s career spans virtually all of MWSD, some aspects of the history of square dancing: Square dance superstar. It was written for an Abilene newspaper in November 2008.

I have a hard time believing that Marshall has recorded over 1000 singing call records. Jerry Junck says he put out a new record every two months for years; if he did that for all the 60 years he’s been calling, that would be 360 records. Vic Ceder’s record database lists 175 recordings by Marshall.

A thousand or three hundred…that’s still a heck of a lot of singers.

One of the things I admire about Marshall is that he always seems to have something new for his dances

, both musically and choreographically. Another is his ability to show everyone a good time

Koupit Levitru v Praze

, regardless of their dance level and ability.

We’ll keep bringing Marshall into Albuquerque as long as he’s able to get here!

27 Apr

Bunko on the Titanic

It was not a disaster – no icebergs encountered!

This past weekend, I called for the Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus (3 sessions РPlus/A2, C1, and MS/Plus) and the Denver Half Crazies (2 sessions  РC2 and C3A).

The theme for the Saturday night party dance was Remember the Titanic. But before the dance started

, we played a party dice game called Bunko (aka Bunco, Bonco, Bonko). The game has been around for a while and there are many rule variations; this set is closest to what we played (but I liked this description, particularly the Food/Snacks:

FOOD/SNACKS (This is very important!!!!) (P.S. M &M’s ARE A MUST)

It’s a good mixer game; people move around and change partners a lot. There’s absolutely no skill involved; the game is 100% luck. My luck was not in Saturday night.

I think the Rainbeaus plan to do some Bunko at their fly-in in September


, Mountain Mix: Chase Right for the Silver. It should be fun; a good way to break the ice and get people socializing (of course, just square dancing is a good way to do that also). Speaking of the fly-in, someone noticed that the roman numeral for 2009 is MMIX, so they made a couple of buttons:

Two buttons publicizing Mountain Mix, using MMIX

Two buttons publicizing Mountain Mix, using MMIX

At the dance, I tried to keep an oceanic theme going. At Plus, we worked Load the Boat fairly strenuously in one tip. I had looked up Sink the Boat in Burleson’s, but it ends in a squared set with everyone facing out; it didn’t seem worth taking the time to teach it. Musically, of course, I had to do My Heart Will Go On (available on Hanhurst as an MP3 (MP3ABC 9)). I also threw in The Morning After from The Poseidon Adventure (available on vinyl (GMP 1014)).

I hope people had a good time; I sure did!

22 Apr

Video: Bear Miller calling to Hooked on Classics

Bear Miller recently posted a video to his Facebook page showing him calling high energy Plus at a Halloween dance in Colorado. (You may not be able to access the Facebook stuff if you’re not registered.) The music? Hooked on Classics (check the link if you’ve ever wondered what all the tunes are in that medley of disco-infused classical extracts). iTunes link: Hooked on Classics.

Note: almost no square dance costumes…just a variety of Halloween costumes.

At the very beginning of the clip, note what the dancers do when Bear calls Square Thru 4. Later on

, you can see the non-active dancers doing that move while the actives actually square thru.

Bear nails the ending. Sort of like a gymnast sticking on the dismount, except callers aren’t required to do it…it’s just way cool when we manage it. Bear was good…I thought he wasn’t going to make it


, and then bang! there it was.

15 Feb

Caller Links

SemiSight: A scanned in copy of an out-of-print booklet. It’s a slight extension of two-couple sight; by focusing on the idea of remembering two dancers at a time, one doesn’t have to keep the initial two couples together all the time. If you move a couple of dancers across the square, remember who they are and bring them back.