22 Apr

Video: Bear Miller calling to Hooked on Classics

Bear Miller recently posted a video to his Facebook page showing him calling high energy Plus at a Halloween dance in Colorado. (You may not be able to access the Facebook stuff if you’re not registered.) The music? Hooked on Classics (check the link if you’ve ever wondered what all the tunes are in that medley of disco-infused classical extracts). iTunes link: Hooked on Classics.

Note: almost no square dance costumes…just a variety of Halloween costumes.

At the very beginning of the clip, note what the dancers do when Bear calls Square Thru 4. Later on

, you can see the non-active dancers doing that move while the actives actually square thru.

Bear nails the ending. Sort of like a gymnast sticking on the dismount, except callers aren’t required to do it…it’s just way cool when we manage it. Bear was good…I thought he wasn’t going to make it


, and then bang! there it was.

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