22 Apr

Summer Decisions

Oh dear, oh dear…shall I raise the level of my incompetence and attempt to learn C3B this summer?

This would involve traveling to Germany, most likely attending iPAC, and then heading to Plön for Clark Baker‘s weeklong C3B compact class.

I learned C3A in a weekend a long time ago, and have been dancing (using the word loosely) it two or three times a year ever since. So it’s not like I’m bored with C3A even remotely. On the other hand, there aren’t many opportunities to learn C3B in an intensive way (which is necessary for me

, since I sure can’t learn it through regular classes in Albuquerque).

So, do I need or even want to learn full C3? Yes, I think it will increase my choreographic understanding, and it’s always fun to learn something new. No, I’m not even really competent at C3A; I don’t get to dance it all that much. Full C3 would be one more level that I wouldn’t get to dance that much. I’ve heard that C3B is really hard.

Do I want to go to Germany for a couple of weeks this summer? Yes


, it would be exciting. No, I’d be away from T-B. I haven’t been out of the States in over 20 years (I think that’s a yes and a no).

Decisions, decisions….

One thought on “Summer Decisions

  1. I say “go”. You just never know when the price of oil will skyrocket again, making travel relatively unaffordable. Get over there while the getting’s good!

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