Kris Jensen

Square and Contra Dance Caller


I started calling modern western square dances in 1991, and currently call Basic through C3A. I call three nights a week in Albuquerque, and do some traveling, having called weekends and dances throughout the United States, with an occasional foray into Canada.

I’m an active CALLERLAB member; I’ve been vice-chair of the Challenge committee and participated in panels at the annual CALLERLAB convention. I’ve also been president of the Gay Callers Association, editor of the Call Sheet, president of the New Mexico Central District Callers Association, president of the Albuquerque Square Dance Center.

I enjoy calling all the MWSD programs. While I currently mostly call Advanced and Challenge, I also call Mainstream at a senior center every week, and Mainstream and Plus at dances throughout the year.

I look forward to calling a dance for you!


My first dance love was international folk dancing, and I’ve continued to dance a variety of genres. After calling MWSD for about 10 years, I started calling contra dances in Albuquerque, and call regularly for FolkMADS in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

I’m known for selecting smooth, accessible and interesting dances, teaching clearly and concisely and calling an occasional traditional square. My square dance calling experience has given me the ability to call on the fly to fix issues in a dance and keep everyone dancing.

I’ve called in Durango, CO, Las Cruces, NM, and Corvallis, OR, as well as being in the regular rotation for Albuquerque and Santa Fe.


What’s more fun than doing some old-time dancing! Square dancing, the Virginia Reel, couple mixers...all of these can bring a group of people of all ages together, moving to the music. I call a wide variety of dances for every age group. I can provide recorded music, or I can put a band together if you’d like live music. I can even teach simple line dances and some international folk dances if that would be appropriate for your group.


For the past several years, I’ve spent two weeks at the Desert Willow Family School, teaching kids from K-8 to do square dancing, ending it up with a big family dance for the kids and their parents. It’s been a blast for me and the kids always look forward to it. We do a variety of dances, from simple circle dances to improvised squares.

I’m available to call for schools (being retired is an advantage). if paperwork helps, I’m a CALLERLAB Accredited Caller.

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