29 Mar

What should be in a square dance caller web site

What should be in a square dance caller web site

  A biography: Something that lets the viewer know who this person is.

  A schedule: We want to know where this caller is calling, and it should be kept up to date. There’s something very distressing about visiting a site and finding a caller’s schedule from 1998. Have they stopped calling? Or did they assume that a website would somehow be kept up to date automatically?

  Clubs: Something about the clubs the caller calls for. If the clubs have web sites, give us the links. Otherwise, give us a little info.

  Something to come back for: This is the hardest part. If you want viewers to return, you need to give them changing or additional content.


  Choreography: This may keep callers coming back to see what’s new. It’s way easier to post choreo on a web page than to publish a note service (but of course, it’s also hard to charge to access a web page).

  News: Keep local dancers visiting your site by providing information about local square dance happenings.

  Resources: Jim Penrod (Square Dancing in CENTRAL CALIFORNIA CALLERS|CUERS|CLUBS|ASSOCIATION), Vic Ceder (Vic and Debbie Ceder’s Home Page), and Dave Gipson (Square Dancing, Ask Dave Gipson, Country Western, Line Dance) all have successful pages offering various resources for both dancers and callers.

  But whatever you decide, it needs to kept fresh. Stale content and links make visitors stay away in droves. When I go to a site and find a schedule from 1999, I’m not going to revisit it later to see if, by chance, it’s been updated.

2 thoughts on “What should be in a square dance caller web site

  1. Stale content, not updating…just exactly what I’m guilty of. Oh well, it’ll probably take forever to get any readers back. Will they trust me to keep updating?

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