28 Mar

Square Dance in the (Old) News

I like this idea…too bad it hasn’t been kept up since July 1997: Sites of the Month

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Square Dancing in the The Christian Science Monitor Electronic Edition. I did a search on square dancing, and came up with 26 hits. That’s as far as I got, since I was unwilling to pay $1.50 for the full text of each article. However, here’s the teasers for a few:

Berlin Square Dancers Do-Si-Do to ‘YMCA’ 1998-05-14
Mary Beth Warner BERLIN President Clinton leaves Germany today after a two-day visit that marked the 50th anniversary of the Berlin airlift, when Western Allies kept the city supplied through the 1948-1949 Soviet ground blockade. But the celebrations don’t include one aspect of American culture that’s taken firm hold here in the wake of the US presence: square dancing. The normal quiet of a Sunday spring evening in the German capital was broken recently by all the whooping and hollering down at… (647 words)

Social Dancing Sweeps America 1997-04-16
Kirsten A. Conover, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor BOSTON – Dancing has burst onto the stage of favorite American pastimes with the energy and enthusiasm of rediscovered pleasures. Ballroom students are thronging to big-band weekends from Wisconsin to Oregon; line, round, and square dancing draw more than 700 to a festival in school gyms in Hartford, Conn., and account for 60 clubs in the metro Atlanta area; Irish step-dance classes are burgeoning in Buffalo, N.Y., Tampa, Fla., and… (590 words)

Let’s Dance 1997-04-16
Elizabeth Levitan Spaid, Eric C. Evarts, Ann Scott Tyson, Staff writers of The Christian Science Monitor, and Gloria Goodale, M. S. Mason, Special to the Christian Science Monitor Ballroom Dancing Atlanta – Fred and Ginger would be proud – and maybe a little surprised – at the boom in ballroom dancing. Ballroom was eclipsed by the twist in the ’60s, disco in the ’70s, and other dance fads in the ’80s. Now it’s back in full swing. “The reason is romance,” says Joe LoCurto, owner of LoCurto’s Dance… (1757 words)

Not So Square Square-Dancing 1993-11-23
Eric C. Evarts, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor BOSTON – SQUARE dancing will try to shed its hillbilly image. That is, if the Duo has anything to do with it. Paul C and Ted Lizotte like to think of themselves as the callers who put youth and vigor back into a historic American tradition that has an image so far out of the mainstream it is considered quaint. Indeed, when Mr. C and Mr. Lizotte hold their annual introductory fun nights, Lizotte says, “I can’t believe the numb… (910 words)

Here’s an intriguing headline from the Baltimore Jewish Times (2/5/1999): Horah? They’d Rather Do-si-do: Square dancing is a happening at Old…” (please pay $1.50 for the rest…)

Square dancing may be the official dance of Maryland, but do you know what the official sport is? Jousting! Square dancing and jousting…now there’s a combination.

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