29 Mar

Kids’ Stuff

Ever wondered what books are available about square dancing? Suite 101 has a list of books that you can order from Amazon (of course, many of us are boycotting Amazon because of their patent enforcement, but that’s another story). Books & Other Publications

If you go to Amazon and do a search on square dancing, you’ll find most of the books that are listed at Suite101, plus a lot of out of print books (Amazon will start a search for you), and a few other “interesting” references, like this one:

Bigfoot Doesn’t Square Dance (Adventures of the Bailey School Kids , No 25)

Visiting Ruby Mountain during a class trip, Eddie spots enormous tracks on the dirt trail and becomes convinced that the prints belong to the square-dancing teacher, a large, hairy man who resembles Bigfoot.

and this one:

Noah’s Square Dance

It’s square dance night on Noah’s ark “As fiddlers rosin up their bows / And dancers start to tap their toes. . . .” The rhythm promenades through the book, setting an upbeat tone and a lively pace for reading aloud. Noah calls the dance moves, and the friendly-looking animals and people try to follow his instructions, though things get a little wild with “Pick up your honey with a left arm ’round / And swing that hippo off the ground.” Soon the storm ends, partners hug, and on the last page the animals disembark.

Used to be a lawyer. This is pretty funny, if you like silly dancing pages: LawyerDance.com Well, I like it better than ArmadilloDance.com.

It finally happened: I was websurfing and watching TV when one of those commercials that advertise music collections came on. This one was a polka collection, which shows lots of twenty- and thirty-somethings polka-ing around the floor to incredibly hokey polka music. Maybe we need a square dance music collection, where we can show twenty- and thirty-somethings square dancing. So I quickly typed the URL in, and now I’m in the land of TV music. Yes, indeed, all those collections from late night on the Weather Channel (between the Psychic Network ads) are here at TVMusic4U.com.

Here’s a program to help with learning A1, A2, and C1 (too bad they don’t have C3A…that’s what I need right now). Electric Square Dance

Gotta check out Gotta Dance.

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  1. Link rot continues unabated. The Gotta Dance link (igottadance.com) is dead and the domain is available. The Lawyer Dance (attorneydance.com) link is dead; the domain is also available. Lawyerdance.com takes you to a porn gateway. The Armadillo Dance link is dead, although the domain is still owned by someone.

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