21 Oct

Square Dance Animations

I just found a site that is selling a CD of Flash animations of square dance moves. There are some online samples, and they look like they could be helpful for visual learners.

I did find one error in the samples (and I didn’t look at all of them): For Chain Down the Line, they have the dancers doing it from a RH wave (even though their text says it should be done from a LH wave or a RH 2F lines).

At any rate, there are two CDs, one for MS and Plus, and another for Advanced. The animations let you play them in slow motion and step through them frame-by-frame. Each sells for $31.99 plus $5 S&H and can be ordered on line. The author is Bob Gartner.

Of course, once one starts to look, there are more. This one is of no interest to me because it’s only for Windo(ze/ws) machines. YMMV. Basic Mainstream Tutorial.

There are online animations here and here. With Noriko’s, I especially like the Graphical Image Training, which lets you look at a sequence and predict where a selected dancer will go after the next call. Also, Jim Penrod has some animations here.

Out of all the animations I saw, I thought the Flash ones were the best (despite the error). I couldn’t check out the PC-only one. The GIFs were not as smooth or controllable as the Flash animations. Vic Ceder has done a few JavaScript animations that look promising.

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