22 Oct

Here a blog, there a blog…

Does one need to have something to say to run a weblog? Naahhh…

Now here’s a question..should I join the Dance Blogs clique? And what’s a “clique” as opposed to a “webring”? I don’t think I belong in the Dance Blog group, since I’m more into meta-discussion about square dancing and calling, rather than “my life as a dancer”.

All of the dance blogs listed in the clique, as well as on this list of dance blogs relate to Irish dancing. Interesting.

I found a blog with a category for dance-related entries. From an article there, I learned about The Ketchup, supposedly sweeping Europe as the succesor for the Macarena.

This would be a good name for a dance blog: shut up & dance. Too bad it belongs to a writer…

While looking for weblogs involving dance, I found this very cool page: Dancing Bones

Found an out-of-date, no-longer-active weblog about the Mountain School in Vermont. The blogger wrote:

monday, april 8 1:11 PM
Ah, the weekend’s over! It was pretty great. Saturday night we had our square dance. It was a blast. I LOVE square dancing. I had such a good time! The man who came to fiddle and call the dances for us has been fiddling since the 1930’s. His wife came to play the piano. We cleared out the entire dining hall of all couches and tables. A lot of people came dressed up in bandanas and cowboy hats, which was cute. But the really awesome part was the dancing. It was so neat to be in a square with seven other people, three other couples, and to know what we were doing. We learned seven different dances, each one progressively more complicated, and more fun. My favorites were ‘chasing the squirrel’ and the ‘Virginia Reel’. After two and a half hours of dancing, the man played one last song for all of us who had stayed until the end – a polka. Cathy and Dave, two teachers, showed us how to polka. Square dancing is definitely my new favorite thing. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some places in Connecticut!

Just so you’ll know I’m not the only one with a highly-specific, highly idiosyncratic weblog, check out Mermaniac – A Show Tunes Weblog.

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