25 Feb

Health and Dancing

I did the RealAge test a while ago to see how my chronological age matches up with my “physical” age. And I signed up for the Tip of the Day, which gives me a (HTML-formatted, connects to the ‘net) email containing some little health nugget every day. Today’s is:

Could becoming an opera goer actually help you live longer? Looks like it.

Swedish researchers found that people who often enjoyed cultural activities such as movies and plays, concerts, religious services, and even sporting events lived longer than those who rarely attended. Researchers hypothesize that the benefit is due to increased social contact and the ability to express emotions in a supportive environment.

RealAge Benefit: Enjoying a good social support system of family and friends can make your RealAge up to 3.5 years younger.

So I went back and looked at some other tips:Socialize for Longer Life, Dance Your Way to Health, and Dance Your Way to Fitness

What a day to switch! Yesterday, I switched ISP’s from a local outfit (that worked great, but charged by the hour and I was running up huge bills) to Earthlink. And then, all of a sudden, I couldn’t log on. I figured they were busy…but there was an explanation: EarthLink’s 50 Minute Outage Hope it doesn’t happen again!

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