26 Feb

Building and Promoting

I’ve written an article on “Building a Web Site”.

While writing it, I went to SelfPromotion.com’s tips on getting listed in Yahoo, where Robert Woodhead notes “Yahoo is without a doubt the single most important index on the Internet (though Open Directory is rapidly gaining on them!)” So of course, I had to go to Yahoo to see what sites are listed under Yahoo! Arts:Performing Arts:Dance:Square Dance.

There are six subcategories: Apparel, Events, Groups, Organizations, Regional Information, and Web Directories. There are 10 sites listed at the top level. I thought it was interesting that Julie Mangin’s article on The State Folk Dance Conspiracy: Fabricating a National Folk Dance is there.

Open Directory: There is a square dancing category, Open Directory – Arts: Performing Arts: Dance: Folk Dancing: Country and Western: Square Dancing, with 44 listings. Robert Woodhead says, “The Open Directory Project, formerly called NewHoo, is an “Open Source” directory much like Yahoo, but edited by volunteers. As ODP is now the directory listing source for Netscape, AOL Search, HotBot and Lycos, and will soon be used by many other search engines, including Altavista, it is in the “big leagues” and is a must to submit to.”

One can find square dance references anywhere: Construction Calamities – Urban Legends and Folklore.

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