14 Jun

Hanhurst Tape June 2000

  1. A Little Bit More A 1014 Kevin Kelly
  2. Double Trouble (flip Called MS) MAC 2428 Brian Hotchkies
  3. You Never Know Just How Good You’ve Got It Q 929 John Kwaiser: Two choices here: Tracy Byrd (No Ordinary Man) and George Jones (Cold Hard Truth)
  4. Oh Lonesome Me AR 110 Al Frazier
  5. Bruno Jams/Weeping Woody PIO 1005
  6. Unicorn Song AR 111 Dale Smith: Words as used by the Irish Rovers; original words as written by Shel Silverstein. Interested in Shel? Check out Shel Silverstein’s Adult Works. Tired of the Unicorn Song? Try The Anti-Unicorn Song.

    As you might imagine, unicorns have many fans. Here’s a collection of unicorn-related links.

  7. Bile Them Cabbage Down/Uncle D’s Rag BMV 25
  8. You’ll Be In My Heart GMP 1103 Doug Bennett & Lone Blume: From the Disney Tarzan movie, written by Phil Collins and performed by Phil and Glenn Close. This is the 1999 Academy Award-winning song (I personally liked “Blame Canada” better, and the production number was much more fun).
  9. Juanita Jones SSR 214 Larry Shipman: There are a surprising number of people named Juanita Jones who are referenced on the web.
  10. Independence Day S2K 2004 Bruce Williamson: Martina McBride song on the Way That I Am album. The video for this song is pretty intense.

    From iMusic Country Showcase – Martina McBride

    But it was that second album’s “Independence Day” that made the world really sit up and take notice of Martina McBride. This stunning lyric of domestic violence resulted in an emotionally devastating video that earned her a shelf full of awards. More importantly, it put her in front of thousands of teen girls in schools throughout the U.S. with a message of self-worth and caution about abusive relationships.

    I couldn’t believe it when I finally heard the Hanhurst tape, where Bill introduced “Independence Day” as a patriotic song. He’s since learned his mistake, but in actual fact, as the song is presented in its square dance version, it could be used patriotically. Of course, that only works if no one in the audience knows the original song and context.

  11. Born To Be Blue GMP 1005 Lone Blume: The Judds from their Love Can Build A Bridge album. Here are the lyrics. I already own an earlier release of this song, but of course, Global Music always does a great job.
  12. What You Do To Me PLM 107 Jerry Biggerstaff
  13. Mr Piano Man SSR 217 Ed Kremers
  14. Raindrops Fallin On My Head JPESP 7010 Bill Harrison: Burt Bacharach song (Best Of Burt Bacharach) from the Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid soundtrack.
  15. Shindig In The Barn CRC 145 Steve Jacques: This is funny: the first line of What is Square Dancing says “It is not a shindig in the barn.” But that doesn’t mean we can’t sing about shindigs, in the barn or otherwise.

    Ever wondered about the term “shindig”? Me either, but someone did…and hoedown too. I’m not sure I believe this explanation from Take Our Word For It; seems just a tad pat:

    These two American words are really quite graphic. A hoe-down, for instance, is what happens after one “downs tools” (puts ones hoe down). There is an analogous concept in the English custom of “harvest home” which was a grand dinner and barn dance which the farmer held for the benefit of his workers after the year’s work was done.

    Shindig is another splendidly descriptive word. This time it is an allusion to the typical wounds sustained at the hands (or should I say feet?) of dancing partners whose enthusiasm exceeds their skill. (For some reason, the gruesome image of an up-tempo eightsome reel danced in steel-reinforced farm boots springs to mind.)

  16. What Becomes Of The Brokehearted PLM 106 Jimmy Roberson: Originally by Jimmy Ruffin (here’s an interview with Jimmy), but apparently (I never watch the show), it’s been used for the Ally McBeal Show. Here are some lyrics.
  17. When There’s A Fire In Your Heart CRC 147 Steve Jacques: This song was written by Merle Kilgore and performed by Teresa Brewer (1967), Tammy Wynette, Laura Lee, Eddy Arnold, and Karen Black (in movie “Five Easy Pieces”)
  18. All The Way RB 3083 Don Williamson
  19. Your Time Hasn’t Come Yet Baby CRC 146 Steve Jacques: An Elvis song from 1968 (not one of his biggies, it went as far as #72 on the top 100 list and #50 on the country charts). Here are the lyrics.
  20. Tush Hoedown/Tush Hoedown(rhythm) SG 104
  21. Easier Hoedown/Grossvatter DR 9013
  22. No One Like You CSTL 001 Ed Pabst
  23. Last Laugh DR 90 Brian Shannon
  24. Me Neither CRC 141 Matt Worley
  25. Chinese Breakdown/Fancy Sticks (repress) C 112
  26. Today I Started Loving You Again (repress) RR 128 Wade Driver: Merle Haggard’s song was originally the B side of “The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde,” released in 1968. Since then, it’s been recorded by more than 400 other artists. I guess Wade Driver’s one of them. Here are the original lyrics…there isn’t much to the song.
  27. Red River Valley (repress) C 415 Beryl Main: Here are some lyrics, including a take off. Now, where is the Red River Valley? Well, according to redrivervalley.com, it’s in Manitoba, Canada. However, there’s also a Red River Valley in western Minnesota and North Dakota (Red River Valley Genealogical Society, among others), and Texas and Oklahoma (RRVARC – Red River Valley Amateur Radio Club,) among others. It looks like there’s even a Chinese movie named Red River Valley, but it’s a little hard to tell since I don’t read German.
  28. The Party’s Over (repress) C 606 Round Dance
  29. Gospel Medley SIR 203 Ingvar Pettersson & Bjork
  30. Country’s Alive RYL 128 Jerry Story
  31. Happy Birthday Square Dance BM 183 Mac McCullar
  32. Rainy Days And Stormy Nights RBS 1252 Elmer Sheffield Jr.: The only reference I found to this as a song title on on this site: Bob King – the gentle giant of British Country Music.
  33. I Just Wasted The Rest C-C 532 Jim Congleton: A Bobby Goldsboro song, with lyrics that mention Baltimore.
  34. Party’s Over, The [Turn Out The Lights] ESP 129 Elmer Sheffield Jr.
  35. The Good Ole Days Are Right Now TB 239 Chuck Mashburn/Gabby Baker: From a Gene Watson album, Good Ole Days
  36. Rock N’ Roll Music SIR 309 Al Stevens
  37. God Bless The U.S.A. RB 3031 Don Williamson
  38. We Should Be Together HH 5202 Tom Perry
  39. Real Good Time JPESP 236 Joe Porritt
  40. Old Lamplighter EAG 1209 Jim Logan: Here are lyrics.
  41. I’ve Been To Georgia On A Fast Train CD 213 Tony Sikes
  42. Hold On To The Love I’ve Got BR 282 Bill Stone

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