09 Mar

All My Square Lesbian and Gay Dancing Children

This is cute: All My Lesbian and Gay Square Dancing Children. It’s a soap-opera style radio show produced by the Ottawa gay square dancing club, Ottawa-Hull Date Squares. Straight folks might be interested in the fact that in order to sell square dancing, the gay club has to fight the stereotypes of straight square dancing. There’s also some calling (Paul Waters calling “Pink Cadillac”), and an interview with Paul where he describes the San Francisco convention, Stars, Thars, and Cable Cars.

Found a site for the National Square Dance Directory. This site shows why one should hesitate about putting a site “on line” before its time; looks like an incompletely filled in template site. Seems natural to allow clubs to update their listings on line (and perhaps even to display the listings on line; my guess is that people would still buy the book for the convenience of having it available when a computer isn’t). However, that option isn’t offered. Instead, they’re offering to accept your listing for a mere $4.95/month…again, I think that’s the template talking, not the National Square Dance Directory. Since the pages haven’t been updated since October 1999, perhaps it’s a trial site that bit the dust. Too bad: their URL is squaredancedirectory.com.

2 thoughts on “All My Square Lesbian and Gay Dancing Children

  1. squaredancedirectory.com is now available; I guess the folks at the National Square Dance Directory couldn’t get it together to go online. Too bad; it still seems like a natural to have online so that clubs could update their information.

    There is an online listing for clubs over at Vic’s site. Not many clubs have entries, but it seems like a good idea to me.

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