14 Jul

Trendy or Just Hilarious

I can just see it now…Just like Heather, Amber and I go to play Bingo because we think it’s hilarious, one of these days we’re going to do some other elderly activity because we think it’s hilarious and BOOM! We’re hooked!

This is from Ersonal-pay Ace-spay: “Because I find it hilarious” or “Six-Two Acey Deucey”, in which Kate prays that square dancing becomes trendy. As a caller, I especially like:

My super power: Anyone who hears me calling Square Dance calls automatically performs the moves against their will – and women have been known to sprout massively puffy skirts in my presence.

although I can do without the puffy skirts.

So Michelle, who just happens to own a square dance outfit, writes back:

FYI.. this is the leftover from a Halloween costume so don’t go rushing out buying a square dancing dress to copy me. I know it SEEMS like the next logical step in your life but really.. square dancing hasn’t quite made it back…

(DoMeSTiCa: Dear Kate).

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