28 Apr

Nice Contra Dance Article

The Oberlin College Dandelion Romp contra dance weekend just occurred. This Live Journal entry has a complete article on it, with a lot of background on conta dancing in general. It will be published in the school’s newspaper, but how many of have access to Oberlin’s newspaper?

I’m going to add one quote to my quotes database. Doug Plummer says “It’s ecstatic spiritual practice masquerading as recreation.”

And here’s a paragraph on calling:

Often the impressions of “calling a dance” that spring to mind are raucous microphones and blaring voices. However, much of the time during the Dandelion Romp the callers would sing along to the music, harmonizing with the fiddles and making impromptu rhymes. “A lot of the professional callers have rhythm with everything they call,” said Beau Mahurin. “There’s usually that rhythm, that almost auctioneer-ish rhythm. They’ll find tunes, rhymes—make sure that everyone not only can follow the instructions, but keep them memorable, and in time with the music.”

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