28 Jan

First Telephone Switchboard Installed

The first telephone switchboard was installed in New Haven, Connecticut. The phone company that owned the switchboard had 21 subscribers.

An excuse to break out the telephone songs. I have:

  • Operator

    , Operator

  • Operator
  • Why Haven’t I Heard from You
  • Lonesome 77203
  • The Devil’s in the Phone Booth
  • That’s My Story (mentions a cell phone

Relevant Records

  • Operator Operator (Lou-Mac 181)
  • Why Haven’t I Heard From You (Chaparral 224)
  • Operator (Hi Hat 5221)
  • That’s My Story (ESP 1191)
  • The DevilÕs In the Phone Booth (RockinÕ M 2005)
  • Lonesome 77203 (Buckskin 1261)

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