10 Jun

Dirty (Square) Dancing

Y’know those patter filler rhymes…stuff like:

A right and left around the ring
While the roosters crow and the birdies sing

And you know that Vic Ceder has a whole collection of them on his site.

Well, how about a whole collection of ribald ones? The book Unprintable Ozark Folksongs and Folklore: Blow the Candle Out by Vance Randolph contains a chapter called ohne-rezeptkaufen.com








,M1″>Ribaldry at Ozark Dances. If you scroll down to page 762, you’ll find the square dance stuff (warning…totally un-PC…and of course, very het):

The rhymes shouted  out by the caller at ordinary square dances

Stromectol kaufen Ohne Rezept Online

, attended by respectable women, are innocent enough. Otho Pratt, who was raised on Horse Creek near Galena, Mo., said that ‘right at the end of a dance, when most of the decent people had went home, the caller used to get kind of dirty sometimes.’ Every old time caller knows some really ribald calls, which are used at unconventional froics in the backwoods.

Here’s one that may provide an interesting take on calls like Acey Deucey and Relay the Deucey:

Cheat your partner, swing Miss Lucy
Up with her petticoat, out with your ducey

I guess they’re part of our square dancing history…not that you’ll hear about them at CALLLERLAB…

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