30 Jun

Chi-Town Squares (and Michael Maltenfort) on the radio

NPR recently did an All Things Considered story on Chi-Town Squares and the straight dancers who have started showing up at their dances. Here’s the NPR blurb:

If you live in the Chicago area and you are interested in square-dancing

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, there are many clubs you might join. When commentator Angeli Primlani wants to go dancing, she hooks up with a club called the Chi-Town Squares. The members are mostly gay men, but recently, groups of older straight couples from the suburbs have started showing up at their dances.

You can listen to the audio from a link here: Chicago Dance Club Lures Suburbanites

From the story, I gathered that the commentator, Angeli Primlani, got hooked into square dancing (and Chi-Town) by Michael Maltenfort, a dancer and caller for Chi-Town. You can hear Michael calling in the audio of the NPR clip.

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