12 Aug

Strange Audio?

Do we consider square dance singing calls to be “strange audio”? Today, the Friday Weirdo Shakedown (“Your Tru5ted (sic) Source – bringing Strange Audio to the Masses”) features I will survive (as a square dance).

Along with a link to an MP3 file of Ken Bower’s Chaparral version of “I Will Survive”, the author says:

If you’re anything like me you’ll agree there is nothing like a good hoedown or a square dance calling song. It is even better if that song is based on the 1970’s Gloria Gaynor hit “I will Survive”.

At least, s/he picked a reasonable singer; when I think of some of the horrific called sides out there, I’m grateful that Kenny can carry a tune and has a good voice.

The author would like more:

If anyone has a CD full of singing Square Dance callers doing popular songs please let me know. I’d love to hear more of this stuff. Who wouldn’t?

I know there are some compilation CDs


, but I can’t comment on this site; it requires a .NET passport, and I won’t buy into Microsoft’s stuff.

Occasionally, when someone finds out I’m a caller, they’ll compare it to auctioneering. Well, the Strange Audio blog doesn’t do that, but it does have MP3s from the World Livestock Auctioneer Championships, held in Tulsa: Friday Dairy Shakedown: Livestock Auctioneer Championships. It’s not calling, but it sure is mesmerizing.

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