28 Aug

Square Dancing is the Dance of God?

Some stuff is just too weird!

This is part of an analysis of the movie Taxi. It starts out:

I already watched the movie “Taxi” with Jimmy Fallon and Queen Latifah in the Theatres last year, but I got the DVD. The IMDB Number is 316732. 31/67/32 = E/5/Sun (Cycling around the 26 Letter Alphabet, 67 is Ho on the Periodic Table, and 32 = 2/Gemini to the 5th Power.

I like it because of the Yellow Taxi that is symbolic of God.

Somewhere in the article, the author states that “Square dancing is the Dance of God”:

Chapter 32 at 1:17 and 50 seconds


, Washburn says they need to find out who was in charge of the garbage on who worked the garbage route on “LEOnard and Church” on Thursday. LEO is for the 5th Sign. Church is for God. I said that God is the Sun.
Two to the 2nd Power is Square

I said “God is a DJ” by Pink

That’s how you get Square-Dancing :o).

Squiare Dancing is the Dance of God. That’s why you go “Do C Do”

“You spin your partner round and round.” The Sun does Square-Dancing with Mother Earth :o).

That’s why it’s done in Texas or the South.. SO u TH. S/19 + O/15 = H/34. H is Pisces.

That’s how you get a House. Ho u SE = Slutty Sun in Union with the Gemin(S) Sun.

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