20 Dec

Square Dancing for Cultural Anthropology

From someone’s blog (EspaƱa Circus : square dancing):

square dancing

I miss them.

All term I got to hang out with folk
at a square dancing club for my cultural
anthropology class… by far one of the
best non-art classes I’ve ever had.

My study group and I were complete strangers

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and they treated us like grandkids.

Every Monday night at 7pm all these folk get
together, forget about everything else, and just dance.
They put on awful western shirts and pointy cowboy
boots, or long skirts and t-shirts for the ladies, they listen
to scrumptiously putsy music, and they dance until bedtime.

Old married couples, teasing eachother around punch
and cookies…

Jack the Real Cowboy with the metal hip…

Timeless advice like: marry a man who can cook and you’ll
be happy…

Joyous, smiling people with beautiful, beautiful stories.

And I got to dance with them. How lucky am I?

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