31 Jan

New Feature at Ceder.net

I love databases and database-driven websites. Vic & Debbie Ceder’s Square Dance Resource Net is a prime example of how to use databases to build an interesting, informative, and flexible site.

His newest feature is Caller Notes. It’s billed as an online caller note service; so far


, there’s one entry: Caller Notes — Half Sashay, which contains a definition, teaching hints, dos and don’ts, equivalents, flow considerations, good uses, bad uses, gimmicks, extensions, choreography, and comments. Here’s where the database stuff shines. The choreography is pulled from Vic’s choreography database, so it is an evolving and expanding collection of choreo. And, as the collection of comments grows, they too will be searchable (presumably).

This allows a note service that continues to be up-to-date and useable over time.

Note: When I first started calling, there were a number of note services available. These were published by (usually) individual callers and (usually) provided choreographic ideas for featured calls.

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