21 Oct

Missing in Action

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything, but it’s not that I haven’t been square dancing. In mid-September, we went to Oregon

, where Anne and I called a women’s weekend at the Silver Falls Conference Center. It rained most of the weekend (what else is new for Oregon?), which gave me a chance to play some bridge instead of hiking to various waterfalls.

After the weekend, we spent Sunday night in Eugene, where I called for the Eugene Spin Cycle Squares, a new gay square dancing group. They’ve got a good-sized class going (at least a square of new dancers…would that the Wilde Bunch could have a class that large), using Paul Waters’ tapes, with Paul’s somewhat idiosyncratic teaching order. This teach order bit me when I called “dosado” without even thinking about it (doesn’t everybody teach dosado the first night?), and the students all looked at me blankly.

Then down to Mom’s ranch for a few days (a little Mexican Train with my 103-year-old grandmother), and back to Eugene for the Saturday night contra dance, with Woody Lane calling. This was a good thing, as I got a chance to chat with Woody a little bit about the Corvallis contra dance group, for whom I’m calling a dance in November with the fabulous Amazon Creek dance band.

Back to Albuquerque in time to do laundry and head out to Lake Tahoe for the A&C weekend, Tahoe Mirror Touch of Class. Caught a little C3A floor time, and enjoyed the beautiful Lake Tahoe view…topping it all off with a cruise on the lake.

Back to Albuquerque in time to do laundry and get ready for guests for the Wilde Bunch’s fly-in. We hosted Jerry Jestin and Kathy and Marie from San Francisco. The fly-in was small but fun, and everyone seemed to have a good time.

The following weekend, I called a contra dance in Albuuqerque for FolkMADS. It went well, I think.

So much for what I’ve been up to. In the next couple of entries, I’ll get back to blogging with some square/contra related links.

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