12 Sep

Gotta pee

My friend Allan Hurst (if you haven’t checked out his Square Dance Article Archive, you should) is now blogging over on LiveJournal. As expected, his journaling is witty and fun, although it’s disconcerting to find oneself mentioned (I’m supposed to be the observer, not the observed…).

At any rate, here’s a fun entry describing a conversation with a couple of well-known callers about calling at conventions and the trials and tribulations thereof…in particular, how to get a bathroom break: allanh: Grumble, mutter,

In Chicago, Allan told me he’d started a blog, but didn’t give me the URL; if you read his first entry, you can see he’s a little ambivalent about blogging. Too bad, Allan. Your journal popped up on my RSS feed of LiveJournal entries that mention square and/or contra dancing,

I may have to start a LiveJournal blog just so I can occasionally comment on Allan’s posts; he only allows comments from LiveJournal friends. Another square dance friend

, David Levine, keeps a LiveJournal blog that’s a mirror of his Novel Journal. I suppose I could mirror SquareZ on LiveJournal…might lead to a whole new audience.

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