15 Aug

Contra vs. Squares (from a cross-dressing POV)

A Cleveland cross-dressing group is invited to a contra dance; here’s what they have to say. The dance was July 11, so the link will probably evolve to list new events. Here’s the original text:

What’s a contra dance You ask? Contra dancing is similar to square dancing except:

1) No petticoats
2) Done in longways sets, circles, and squares
3) Live Music
4) Dances are taught, not called during enter [sic, I think they mean entire] dance
5) Contra Dancers are generally liberals, square dancers conservative. Go Figure

What to wear: Full skirts (with a slip, please), and blouses are the order of the day. Alternatively shorts or jeans. Dresses are not advised. Please, wear flats- heels are an absolute no-no for a dance like this. Leather soled shoes are best as well, as they let your feet pivot more easily.

I particularly noted the first and last ponts. I wonder if there’s a correlation…

One thought on “Contra vs. Squares (from a cross-dressing POV)

  1. First, apologies for the typo. Yes, I meant entire. When you right as much as I do, the typos just creep in. Second, I’ve been folk and contra dancing for 30 years. I’ve also noticed a trend in some contra groups for guys to wear skirts. Makes swinging more fun apparently. Thanks for being inclusive. Happy New Year.

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