16 Dec

Busy Sunday

Busy day yesterday.

Went to the Wilde Bunch’s holiday party first. Numbers were down; we were actually able to do the gift exchange (the kind where people choose gifts in turn and can either choose a new gift or steal a previously opened gift) one at a time, instead of having three people open gifts at once, the way we have for the past several years.

Then off to the Lobo women’s basketball game, where the attendance was down slightly from yesterday, but our margin of victory went up.

Quick trip home to feed the dogs.

Off to the Flying Star Cafe (more commonly known as the “Double Rain…I mean Flying Star) on Rio Grande for dinner with a few folks.

Then on to a Jamie Anderson concert. The attendance was disappointing, both for the audience, and, I’m sure, for the organizers and for Jamie. Seems like it’d be a hard life, driving around from small concert to small concert, on the road for weeks. But then I thought about how much I enjoy calling for even one or two squares, so maybe Jamie enjoyed performing for a couple of dozen people.

Of course, I’m so monomaniacal about square dancing, that I listened to every song with an ear to whether it could be a singing call. None of them could (at least without major rearrangement). If you’re interested in hearing some of her music, check mp3.com. Several of the songs she did last night are there, including one of my faves, “I Want to Be A Straight Guy”.

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