04 Apr

Hanhurst April 2000

  1. Light The Candles Around The World A 1012 : I don’t know this song, but it’s a universal peace and love kind of thing. I found the regular thump of a bass drum kind of annoying.
  2. I’ll Take Texas Card 45 Mary Castleberry: Clint Black song on his No Time To Kill album.
  3. Rebel Blues/Hold On Q 928: Rebel Blues is a familiar tune from some 60’s instrumental…too bad I can’t remember its name. Anyway, it suffers from not doing the key modulations that were in the original, but it’s still fun.
  4. Did I Tell You AMR 101 Bengt Ericsson : I’m familiar with this song from a Texas Tornados album, Zone Of Our Own , but this version isn’t TexMex style at all. In fact, it was really only because of the words that I recognized the song at all.
  5. The Longest Time CK 138 Daryl Clendenin/Bill Helms : This is the Billy Joel song, of the Innocent Man album.
  6. Dreamworks/Swingtime GMP 505: Well, many callers use singing call records for patter, but somehow Global makes me want to use patter records as singers. Both of these are highly melodic, and I keep thinking I should know the name of the tune (like with last month’s GMP patters, one of which was “The Band Played On”). Fortunately, I like melodic patters, and of course, GMP always has good instrumentals.
  7. Satin Sheets HH 5241 Deborah Parnell: Jeanne Pruett country heartbreaker: Satin Sheets-Greatest Hits. Does it work for a guy to sing about a rich woman giving him everything that money can buy? The instrumentation on this is about what you’d expect for this kind of song.
  8. Blue Boy AMR 201 Leif Ekblad : Definitely not the Jim Reeves or the Joni Mitchell song. Pretty heavy rock; if you don’t like electric, don’t go here. Also, I have no idea what the tag line is.
  9. Muskrat Love GMP 112 Doug Bennett: We all know that the Captain and Tenille did this one (Greatest Hits), but did you know that America recorded it? And that it’s on three albums, including History-Greatest Hits? Muskrat Love make this list of Bad Songs of the Seventies, and it’s even bolded to show it’s “a higher grade of crap”. Did you know that Toni Tenille did a nationwide tour in Victor/Victoria in 1998-99? BTW, does Captain and Tenille = Captain Anthill? (Love Will Keep Us Together) Want to know about muskrats? Or how about Muskrat Love lyrics as translated by Mr. Spock: Muskrat Love and other illogical acts Real lyrics: Muskrat Love And this site was updated on 3/25 of this year: Everything Muskrat. Dave Barry recently discussed muskrats in The grim tale of ‘Muskrat Love’

    I love the web!

  10. Banjo Creek/Down The Creek BMV 30: I usually like Black Mountain Valley records, but I’m going to give this one a miss. The tune on both sides is “Cripple Creek”. Banjo Creek is nothing but banjo, with a little bit of percussion. I kept expecting a bass and some other stuff to join in to give it a richer sound, but it never happened…at least in the section on the tape. Down the Creek starts out exactly the same, and then starts to alternate between a fiddle and banjo lead. Still no bass.
  11. Waltzing Matilda 7C 113 Dave Tucker : This version is okay; I don’t have another version to compare it to. This looks like a definitive site on Waltzing Matilda: Roger Clarke’s Waltzing Matilda.
  12. I’m Into Something Good Eag 3411 Susanelaine Packer : The Herman’s Hermit song. I personally like the Solid Gold 503 version better; maybe that’s just because I already have it.
  13. New World In The Morning GMP 930 Bill Harrison & Tom Miller: A Roger Whittaker song: Greatest Hits.
  14. Devil’s Dream/Truckin Home P 1004 : The Devil’s Dream melody sounds very familiar–yup, it’s on a bunch of bluegrass albums (here’s one: Dan Crary : Bluegrass Guitar).
  15. Easy Loving CRC 133 Matt Worley : The tune’s familiar and it’s country; that’s about it.
  16. The Mail Must Go Through Tar 106 Monk Moore : A song about the Pony Express. Too bad we didn’t have this for April 3rd; on that day in 1860, the Pony Express started its first fun between St. Louis, Missouri and Sacramento, CA.
  17. Get Down SSK 108 Milt Floyd: Listened to about a dozen different songs named Get Down. Everything from rap to drum ‘n’ bass to Gilbert O’Sullivan. Couldn’t find one that was like this particular version, which is pretty rap oriented (it’s got a rap middle break), but with some melody line.
  18. Day Like Today (Love Letters In The Sand) Mac 2429 Brian Hotchkies: If you like that MacGregor sound (heavy on the accordians) then you might like this version.
  19. Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You ESP 1046 Elmer Sheffield: A classic, originally by Frankie Valli, found on albums ranging from Vikki Carr Greatest Hits to Glad To Be Gay
  20. Four Leaf Clover Mac 2431 Bill Peterson : Yawn.

    Repressings: Hanhurst is defining a repressing as a record that’s been out of print (read unavailable) for over a year, and is being repressed. It might be remixed and it might have a new vocal cut.

  21. Sister Kate (Was BM 088) BM 204 Mac McCullar: One of my all time favorite songs; a jug band (and dixieland) classic. Be careful with this one, it’s got an extra phrase at the end of some of the phrases. I sure wish I could shimmy. Here are some lyrics: I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate
  22. Take Me Out To The Ballgame (was TNT 155) TNT 284 Don Coy : Gee, if only we’d had this one on April 3rd, major league baseball’s opening day, if you don’t count the “official” opening in Japan. Probably most of us already have a version. This is almost a parody of TNT’s inimitable style.


  23. Wedding Bells Gr 17251 Rd
  24. Gypsy Waltz 2000 Sc 57 Rd

    Rereleases and Golden Oldies: I guess rereleases are records the producers want to get on the tape again, and golden oldies are records picked by Bill Heyman to be on the tape.

  25. Abilene GE 0001 Gary Shoemake : Prettiest town I ever seen. Good song for those Texas-theme nights.
  26. Cindy Clark/Soldier’s Joy SC 322: Two tradition folk tunes.
  27. Baby You’ve Got What It Takes RMR 118 Wayne Morvent: A Brook Benton/Dinah Washington song: Washington/Benton : Two Of Us. This version takes a pretty soulful song and turns it into boomchuck country-western.
  28. I Can See The Lovin In Your Eyes ST 189 Jack Lasry : Yawn.
  29. You Belong To Me RB 3036 Mike Hoose: The version I’m most familiar with is by the Duprees: Best Of, but there are versions by lots of performers, including Dean Martin.
  30. Hold On Partner ESP 173 Elmer Sheffield: Roy Rogers / Clint Black duet on Roy Rogers Tribute
  31. David ST 167 Jack Lasry
  32. Dominique PIO 113 Mike Trombly: The Singing Nun was definitely one of the One Hit Wonders, but here’s a web page about her: The Singing Nun and a Straight Dope story about her: The Straight Dope: Did the “singing nun” commit suicide with her lesbian lover?
  33. You’re Still The One Ryl 103 Jerry Story: This song is completely overshadowed by a new dance song with the same title.
  34. Muddy Boggy Banjo Man TB 204 Tommy Russell: I found a song with this name on a 10-CD set: Kerrville Folk Festival-1972-8.
  35. You Go You’re Gone CD 236 Dean Crowell : You might be able to rewrite the lyrics to do a Yugo parody (maybe to go with the Diesel on my Tail song from last month).
  36. Buck Snort/Tulsa On Saturday Night TB 520
  37. Gordo’s Quadrille SDT 002 Easy Jack Murtha
  38. Old Joe Clark (Flip Called A1) Riv 510 Bob Elling
  39. T.R.O.U.B.L.E. HH 5167 Wayne Mc Donald: Elvis Presley and Travis Tritt. Original lyrics are here: TC’s Song Lyrics Archive: T-R-O-U-B-L-E (Jerry Chesnut); misheard lyrics: “I spill tea all over you and me.” (T.R.O.U.B.L.E.)
  40. Let’s Go Spend Your Money, Honey RWH 211 Grace Wheatley: Original artist: Evangeline in 1993. Trivia: Jimmy Buffett was in the video (Church of Buffett, Orthodox: Frequently Asked Questions: Videos)

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