No dancer can watch Fred Astaire and not know that we all should have been in another business.
--Mikhail Baryshnikov
2007-04-19Durange Barn DanceArticle with fun description of barn dance in Durange
2007-02-19Contra articleArticle from Fort Collins, Colorado
2007-02-16Contra and PoliticsA political commentator talks about politics and contra dancing
2007-02-16Challenge Square Dancing in the WikipediaWikepedia entry on challenge dancing
2007-01-31New Feature at Ceder.netNew Caller Notes feature
2006-12-19Contra Dance VideoExcellent video showing The Devil's Backbone by William Watson, with Merri Rudd calling at May Madness dance camp in Arizona in 2006.
2006-07-28Contra in AlbuquerqueJournal article
2006-07-17Article on Gay Square Dancing
2006-07-14Trendy or Just HilariousBloggers get off on square dancing...
2006-05-25Nice contra dance quote
2006-04-29Interesting article about contra dance callingMentions Dan Pearl, Sue Rosen, Rich Mohr
2006-04-29Another article about contra dancingMore dance oriented point of view from Fairbanks, Alaska
2006-04-29Another young callerTeenage brother and sister square dance; brother learns to call
2006-04-29My fave contra bandJust a notice that Amazon Creek will be playing in Newport, Oregon
2006-04-19Bay Area Queer Contra DancingNice writeup in the Bay Guardian.
2006-04-05XXTreme SquaresA new generation?
2006-03-17Dance Festival in DurhamFestival combines dancing with listening to music.
2006-02-14Contra Calling ArticleArticle about contra caller published in conjunction with the Dance Flurry.
2006-02-12Gay Square Dancing in FloridaArticle on gay square dancing in Southern Florida.
2006-01-07A Contra StoryContra at a latino party
2005-12-29It's Healthy to Square DanceArticle published in Central California
2005-12-28Higher level square dancers = vegetarians?A diatribe against higher level square dancers recruiting at lower level dances....I think.
2005-12-15Are Callers Bossy?Brevity comic strip
2005-12-08Old Time SquaresWebsite featuring CDs made from cleaned-up recordings of 78's.
2005-11-17Swing RuedaA sort of "called" swing done in a circle.
2005-11-14Square Dancing in EuropeArticle in Stars and Stripes on current European square dance scene
2005-11-09Cool Contra VideoVideo of a contra dance
2005-10-28SplogsSplogs sometimes pick up square dance stuff.
2005-10-23Dancing the Night AwayFall: time for articles about square dancing
2005-09-28Square Dance PhobiaLive Journal entry on why a woman wouldn't let her 8-year-old son take square dancing.
2005-09-19Stereotype ConfirmedA young person goes square dancing
2005-09-19Square Dance Revival?Article starts out with a teaser, but ends with the same ol'
2005-09-14Square Dance License PlatesA square dancer's license plate from Ontario, Canada.
2005-09-13Community in College?Anthropology professor's observations on community at her university.
2005-09-11Cornball Reference to Square DancingArticle in the Contra Costa Times
2005-09-09Square Dancing for All AgesPhotos and videos from the Yellow Rock and Rollers square dance club in Cupertino.
2005-09-09Square Dance HumorA blog about the Square Dance Stumblers.
2005-08-29What a feeling!Flash dancing in public places.
2005-08-28Square Dancing is the Dance of God?Weird analysis of the movie Taxi.
2005-08-24Contra MarathonReport on a marathon contra dance
2005-08-12Strange Audio?A site that "brings strange audio to the masses" features square dancing.
2005-08-08Archetypal Newspaper CoverageYour basic typical newspaper story about square danciing
2005-08-03Square Dancing and MeditationSquare dancing as a way of achieving mindfulness
2005-08-03Homeschooling and square dancingHomeschool your kid so they don't have to square dance.
2005-06-30Chi-Town Squares (and Michael Maltenfort) on the radioNPR commentary on gay square dancing and straight attendees
2005-06-22Do you know your ABCs?An experimental program from the South Texas callers.
2005-06-07Nice article on gay square dancingArticle from the Columbia News Service on gay square dancing.
2005-04-14What Kind of Caller Are You?A quiz for contra callers...with relevance to square dance callers also
2005-01-08A political contra danceFour More Years by Steve Recchia
2005-01-07New contra dance article
2004-12-28iTunes iMixI just published a playlist to Apple's iTunes music store...
2004-12-21Another Nice Contra Dance ArticleFrom the L.A. Times, emphasizing fitness.
2004-12-21What kind of D&D character am I?
2004-12-20Square Dancing for Cultural AnthropologyA nice blog entry...
2004-12-10Academic Square DancingIn which I do a Google Scholar search on square dancing.
2004-12-03Square Dancing Gets "Pickled"Gym class square dancing is the subject of a SportsPickle (satirical website) story.
2004-10-21Missing in ActionSummary of what I've been up to
2004-10-21DeliciousUsing del.icio.us
2004-10-21Fun in PAA blogger's description of "professional" square dance "practices".
2004-09-13Contra AnalnessIn which I totally weird out my co-callers...
2004-09-12Square Dance Video w/ WheelchairVideo shows a square with one wheelchair dancer.
2004-09-12Gotta peeFunny tales of callers and bathrooms
2004-09-0253rd NSDC: gone from the webThe 53rd National Square Dance Convention's website is gone.
2004-09-01Terrifying Square Dance PicturesPictures from a "square dancing ritual" at college.
2004-09-01Dancarchy ReignsDancing in the streets of New York--a fun way to protest.
2004-08-30World Square DanceThe idea of a technologically-based world square dance is being resurrected.
2004-08-15Dance Blog EntriesBlog entries relating to square and contra dancing
2004-08-12Square Dance Club with BlogAnother way to keep club members up to date.
2004-07-14West Mabou Square Dancing?Sounds like fun...whatever it is...
2004-07-13Red and BlueI'm a blue person trying to make it in a red environment...
2004-07-13More Red BlueA link to a Christian Science Monitor article on the red/blue division.
2004-07-12Square Dancing Tractors RevisitedA couple of links for the square dancing tractors.
2004-07-09Square Dancing PornThis really is XXX stuff, done in old time square dancing style.
2004-06-28Sittin' in the airportToo tired to blog, but here's a video clip from Hotlanta Squares in Atlanta.
2004-06-17J. Appleseed SocietyAn organization to promote community-building activities, especially participatory arts and leisure activities.
2004-06-07Camera phones and weblogsHow about a weblog featuring camera phone photos from various square dance events?
2004-05-25Kind of crummyA bummer that gaysquaredancing.org only deals with naked men square dancing.
2004-05-19Old Time Herald: Dare to be SquareInteresting article comparing modern contras and old time squares.
2004-05-19Square Dancing HangmanJust a little online game....
2004-05-18Square Dance Birthday CardFunny card from Recycled Paper.
2004-05-18Amazingly Beautiful Square Dance WebsiteA website detailing the creation and stories behind stained glass windows created by gay square dancers in San Francisco. Check it out!
2004-05-13A Square Dance Horror StoryHow square dancing can magnify normal adolescent trauma...
2004-05-12National Square Dance Convention Open to PublicHere's an ad to the public, inviting them to come and both watch and participate.
2004-05-11Teen version of square dance festivalLive Journal entry on going to the Silver State Festival.
2004-05-10Yellow Rocks in NYcNYT article about some guy giving free hugs in Greenwich Village.
2004-05-04Square Dance Reality Show?A weblog discusses the prospect
2004-05-03Made me smileNYT Headline: Hoping to attract callers to the internet
2004-05-01Very cool feature added to Vic's Event DatabaseRelational database technology and fun with photos...
2004-04-29Contra dance categorizationHow to tell when two contra dances are "similar"?
2004-04-28Nice Contra Dance ArticleLive Journal post includes a full article on contra dancing
2004-04-26A Caller with a Live Journal blogRumblepurr goes to State.
2004-04-26Square dancing fucking rocks bitches, don't hateAnother Live Journal entry on the State Festival...from a completely different point of view.
2004-04-25Caller School CommunityWhy don't more caller schools do stuff to build community?
2004-04-25Boston Globe article on Gender-Free Contra DancingNice article, most of which could apply to GLBT Square Dancing
2004-04-21Worst SongsBlender Magazine has a list of 50 worst songs...some of which have been made into singing call records.
2004-04-15Chicago TV TomorrowGolden Horse Ranch square dancing on TV.
2004-04-13A Visit from Tim EumRound dance cuer Tim Eum visited Monday night.
2004-04-13A Health TipFrom a service that gives daily health tips.
2004-04-12Gay City UniversityPuddletown Dancers is offering A Taste of Square Dancing as part of Seattle's Gay City University event on May 22.
2004-04-12A Square Dancer and the HugosA square dancing friend of mine, David Levine, has been nominated for a 2004 Hugo.
2004-04-06Is Modern Square Dancing an oxymoron?Do the words "modern" and "square dancing" make people laugh?
2004-04-04Pre-CALLERLAB DoingsSaturday at the Reno Hilton
2004-04-03The High-Level DancerA poem from 1953
2004-04-02Off to CALLERLABIn Reno until Wednesday.
2004-03-31Caller reviewsNothing like reading weblogs for opinions on callers...
2004-03-29Just a souvenirMy very first record
2004-03-27Warning: Square Dance CallerWebsite for making warning signs.
2004-03-26Barn DancesA useful site for info on barn dances in England (aka English-style ceilidhs).
2004-03-23Stuff on WikiWiki vs. email lists
2004-03-23Square Dance T-ShirtSquares dancing
2004-03-17Cheesey? Yup...Square dance buckle auctioned off on eBay.
2004-03-13A LiveJournal contingent decides to take up square dancingLiveJournalist remembers how much fun she had square dancing and decides to do it again.
2004-03-10Gender-free contra coming to San FranciscoChris Ricciotti is coming out to call for the first gender-free contra event in the Bay Area.
2004-03-09Seek Ye a Square DancerWant to learn to square dance? Find a square dancer...
2004-03-08Macintosh SdttySquare dance choreography for Mac OS X.
2004-03-04Three articles from WiredCommunity, Virtual Reality, Memory...
2004-03-04It was fun to watch...
2004-03-03Dare to be Square!A traditional square dance calling workshop.
2004-03-02RIP Palmer
2004-03-02How do we get new dancers to come again?Interesting usenet thread on getting first-time dancers to come again.
2004-02-29CALLERLAB MS and Plus DefinitionsCALLERLAB MS and Plus Definitions available as PalmReader documents.
2004-02-28Tonight's the nightThe Open End Barn Dance Apocalypse and Box Social
2004-02-28The Henzel PlanAn online version (edited and revised) of Ian Henzel's ChiTown Squares recruiting program.
2004-02-28Square Dance PicturesBlack and white and kinda arty...
2004-02-26Square Dancing PicturesSome pictures from a square dance at bcm (whatever that is)...
2004-02-25Not square dance related...just more importantDay of infamy
2004-02-24Lucy...a square dance caller?Another stupid quiz result.
2004-02-22First report on Bay Area new callers workshopThe first report shows up on Live Journal of course.
2004-02-20Live Journal: Funny and happyA few happier posts today.
2004-02-19Must be the seasonLive Journals have lots of kiddies griping about square dancing.
2004-02-17Toronto Star article on gay square dancingNice article on the Triangle Squares and Don St. Jean.
2004-02-16More Live JournalJust a little more peeking into people's lives.
2004-02-15Square Dancing and Live JournalTapping into the Live Journal square dancing world.
2004-02-13The 2nd Annual Open End Barn Dance ApocalypseA "punk square dance" event might give us some ideas...
2004-02-13Blame Someone Else DayIt's the first Friday the 13th of the year.
2004-02-12Newer Caller Workshop and DanceRich Reel has put together an intensive day for new callers in the Bay Area.
2004-02-1195 and Still DancingChicago ABC News story on a square dancing 95-year-old.
2004-02-11Vic's site gets bloggedFound a (non-square dancing) blog reference to Vic Ceder's site.
2004-02-10Square dancing and teen blogsReferences to square dancing generally aren't pretty.
2004-02-07Five squares!First new dancer session of the new year looks good.
2004-02-06Calling for kidsDudley Laufman provides some nice dances for dealing with a roomful of kids.
2004-02-05Great article on square dancing in Marin CountyReally good publicity:
2004-02-05DC Lambda SquaresThe DC Lambdas get profiled in Washington DC's Metro Weekly magazine.
2004-02-03Square Dancing and PoliticsDemocrats reign at Desert Valley Squares.
2004-02-01States I've Visited
2004-01-28Square Dancing in WeblogsUsing PubSub and RSS to find references
2004-01-24Crooked StovepipeA traditional square called by Ralph Page.
2004-01-21Square Dance PhotosCheck out some square dancing photos on the Webshots site.
2004-01-20Finally!Someone (Allan Hurst to be exact) actually adds something to the wiki...
2004-01-19FolkMADS DanceThe dance went well.
2004-01-15Many irons on the firePretty busy these days; the weblog is suffering...
2004-01-15More Crossover StuffLearning MWSD for contra dancers
2004-01-07Where's Kris?In San Francisco.
2004-01-03Brits and YanksCross-cultural comparisons (vis a vis dancing, of course)
2003-12-311950's DancePrepping for the ECR dance.
2003-12-29Ralph Page LegacyHere are syllabi from the weekend and digitized copies of Northern Junket.
2003-12-29Sikorsky SingsMike Sikorsky has a new CD.
2003-12-25The Grinch that Stole ContraA couple of Dr. Seuss takeoffs for the holidays
2003-12-25More Henry MorgensteinAnother look at Henry's essays.
2003-12-23Square Dancing in Nigeria
2003-11-10Contras on Sunday NightsCalled some more contras.
2003-11-07Great article on Times SquaresA New Jersey paper covers the Times Squares fly-in.
2003-10-28More from WWNMore on the Weekly World News story about mandatory square dancing.
2003-10-27Bush to Require Square DancingCheck out the Weekly World News' report.
2003-10-26SquareZ: Terrorist Attack Victim?SquareZ was shut down by a terrorist attack last week.
2003-10-22New version of Dancing for Busy PeopleCal Campbell has released a new revised edition of his book, Dancing for Busy People.
2003-10-14Trad-sdRevitalized email group, trad-sd, is one of the best I'm on.
2003-10-11Blast from the pastDick Oakes' page on folk dance coffee houses brings back memories.
2003-10-11Another blog entry about square dancingThis one's from a British blog.
2003-10-11Don't square dance while running a marathonAnother blog entry mentioning square dancing.
2003-10-11Newsweek mentions contra dancingIn a "special advertising section," Newsweek suggests contra as a good exercise.
2003-10-11A Modern "Who's on First"Not dancing...just funny.
2003-09-28Keeping them interestedAn interesting thread in rec.folk-dancing on challenging dances, good style, keeping dances accessible to newcomers and other stuff.
2003-09-24Lookin' for a gay C&W starGay square dancing gets a mention in an article about "American Pride".
2003-09-18Search termsSome searches that have brought surfers to this site
2003-09-16Weird dance searchesThis not-so-great search site leads to not totally related to square dancing sites.
2003-09-15Expo New Mexico!Square Dancers at the Fair
2003-09-12Johnny Cash RIPSad day, but appropriate to do Johnny Cash songs.
2003-09-11Ghirt and Felt ThruCalling gimmick transcription
2003-09-10Interesting song titlesThe music is fun, but the titles are funner.
2003-09-09Successful Dance-a-rama 2003Called at Dance-a-rama 2003 over Labor Day Weekend; a great time was had by all.
2003-08-22Century Books
2003-08-22Glen Echo PicturesInteresting before (bumper car pavilion) and after (Spanish Ballroom) dance pictures.
2003-08-21Another description of square dancing's fascinationA quote from Gary Welch
2003-08-20Another health/square dancing pageFrom a Swedish software company:
2003-08-20Challenge Dancing MP3sMP3s available for the 2003 AACE
2003-08-20Square Dancing's FascinationA quote from Keith Rubow's site
2003-08-19Flame WarriorsA description of characters you might meet online (even in sd-callers?)
2003-08-18Nothing to do with square dancingFoxtrot cartoon
2003-08-17Use it and lose itAdvertising slogan I heard today...
2003-08-16Good Club NameThe Square Roots - a teaching club
2003-08-16Square Dancing for Music TeachersA collection of CDs for teaching square dancing
2003-08-16Visual Thesaurus: Dancing Words?NYT Article: Swing Your Partner: A Square Dance of Synonyms and Antonyms
2003-08-15A weird eventA square dancing experiment?
2003-08-15Contra vs. Squares (from a cross-dressing POV)Cross-dressers invited to a contra dance...
2003-08-14Another folk festivalThe San Francisco Free Folk Festival
2003-08-14Schizoid Club in SFTwo domains, two looks, two audiences?
2003-08-14Articles on Gay Square DancingA circuitous path to a Mercury News article
2003-08-13A few pixPictures from a traditional square dance in San Francisco.
2003-08-13Another square dancer with a blogA former square dancer now keeps a blog.
2003-08-13I Am A Square Dance CallerFrom Bill Boyd, editor, American Square Dance Magazine
2003-08-12Great ArticlesCheck out Allan Hurst's new site.
2003-08-07Oh good griefLife just gets more complicated...
2003-08-06Web PublicityHow to find a caller in Albuquerque
2003-08-04ErrataFixing some errors among other things
2003-07-24Square Dancing ArticlesNice articles about square dancing at MIT and in South Carolina
2003-07-14Contra Caling AdventureIn which I call half a dance.
2003-07-12Contra CrossoversIn which searching for contras leads me to a great domain name and somebody that I'd like to hear call sometime.
2003-07-12Barstool DancingClark Baker's writeup on barstool dancing.
2003-07-12FandangoPrepping for the contra dance (with interspersed ECD)
2003-07-11MeetUp.comReal face-to-face community building on the internet.
2003-07-11Contra classificationsAnimal contras...
2003-07-11Dance HistoryAn alphabetical list of various dance forms.
2003-07-10Dance T-Shirts and MoreA look at the Dance-a-Runi website.
2003-07-09MarketingHow to market nonprofits
2003-07-08Back from Anchors AweighI'm back, and I'm tired...
2003-06-28Square Dancing All Over the WorldPicture of square dancers across Africa and Europe
2003-06-27Square Dancing Records as KaraokeCaller's equipment and records in the late 60's = karaoke?
2003-06-26More on Google AdvertisingGoogle ads on your website...
2003-06-25Nobody wants to advertise to square dancers...Google ad words: nothing appears when searching on "square dance".
2003-06-23Use it or lose it...More support for square dancing as the perfect activity...
2003-06-18Off to AACE27 hours of C3A!
2003-06-16Archivessd-callers now archived
2003-06-13Blame Someone Else Day
2003-06-09Another Google EntryHow to search efficiently with Google.
2003-06-09Square dancing and cauliflower?Lifestyle choices quote from a weblog.
2003-06-09Square dancing and politics?Newsweek swings its partners left and right.
2003-06-06ExactitudesDress codes and uniformity
2003-06-061981Stuff going on 22 years ago.
2003-06-05Cute animated gifDon't normally like animations on a website, but this is a cool dance.
2003-06-02Article on Gay Square DancingNice writeup in the San Francisco Chronicle
2003-05-31YASvCTYet Another Squares vs. Contras Thread (over on rec.folk-dancing).
2003-05-30Square Dance BlogsAre there others?
2003-05-29Power Outage etc.SquareZ goes down, plus a couple of comments.
2003-05-29Square Dance VideoCheck out gay square dancing at the Boots In Squares page.
2003-05-22On the digital music front...the iPodMight be able to use an iPod for square dance music in the future.
2003-05-17Dance HistoryInteresting performing troup in San Francisco
2003-05-17Contra in New HampshirePublic television show with a contra segment.
2003-05-15Pictures from the State FestivalDancers doing the square dance thing in Ruidoso.
2003-05-14ChickensWe celebrated National Dance Like A Chicken Day today.
2003-05-12From Rang Tang to PlayfordIt all boils down to how to integrate newbies while entertaining lifers.
2003-05-10Direct from the State FestivalReport from Ruidoso
2003-05-10Useful SiteA good site for A&C dancers in the Southwest.
2003-05-09State Festival TimeThis weekend is New Mexico's State Square and Round Dance Festival.
2003-05-08AggregationCheck what's new in SquareZ in your news aggregator.
2003-05-08Square Dance ConspiracyDid square dancers take over New Jersey AT&T in 1988?
2003-05-08CSS Descrambling HoedownWho'd a thunk that free speech, the DMCA, and square dance vernacular would merge in a hoedowned algorithm?
2003-05-08"It's fun and I don't see why nobody does it anymore"A description of square dancing?
2003-05-06It's true--Challenge is ChallengingIn which I determine that I don't know nothin'...
2003-05-05Busy WeekendCalling, dancing, eating...what could be better
2003-05-05Looking for a partner?New web site tries to match dance partners
2003-05-05Dance, dance, danceCheck out these dance moves.
2003-05-02Contra Calling TonightBig dance tonight...
2003-05-01Call Analysis SheetPDF version of my call analysis sheet.
2003-04-30Apple Music Store and square dancingLooking up "square dance" at the music store
2003-04-29Square Dancing ButtsSquare dancing cigarettes
2003-04-29Old Time Square Dance CompetitionFor square dance competition, go to Canada...
2003-04-28Square Dance MarketingSouthern California dancers get organized.
2003-04-27State Folk DanceAn article from the Guardian
2003-04-27Learn to square dance in BostonCan one learn MS in a 6-week course?
2003-04-25Contra Dance PlanningThe class prepares for its graduation dance.
2003-04-23Fritz Lang and Square Dancing?Strange reference to square dancing in a Fritz Lang movie
2003-04-22Boring?Could I be this boring?
2003-04-22Good contra siteGreat description of contra dancing
2003-04-21This past weekendCalling in Denver, driving long distances
2003-04-21Next Year's CALLERLABWhat about the Reno Hilton?
2003-04-17Back from CALLERLAB4 days of sleep deprivation and information overload...what a concept!
2003-04-09From board games to square dancing?Gen Xers are starting to play board games. Is square dancing far behind?
2003-04-05QuietNo talking, but some dancing...
2003-04-05Yet another exampleDon't put automatic music on websites!
2003-03-17The Fifties - Square Dance Heyday?Smokin', drinkin', and dancin' (square dancing, that is...)
2003-03-12Tips for Dancing with Inexperienced DancersA nice list for contra dancers. Useful for square dancers also.
2003-03-12Trekking and ContraYoung trekkers discover contra dancing.
2003-03-11Bento and VampiresMy favorite fanzine and Andrei Codrescu's tale of vampires at airports.
2003-03-10Chain Reaction - notAn "unusual" use of Chain Reaction
2003-03-10Hokey Pokey revisitedOld joke reappears...but is the hokey pokey really like square dancing?
2003-03-10Surrounded by noise...I mean music...Previous and Next links in webring go to sites with auto-music
2003-03-09Google censusAnother silly google search
2003-03-08A Silly Square Dance SongQuicktime video of a kids' entertainer doing a sit down square dance
2003-03-08Good dancersLink to an article on good contra and square dancing
2003-03-07Old dancersThread in rec.folk-dancing about dealing with an older dancer
2003-03-05Great square dance articleAn article on square dancing in Kansas City, that, according to an email, attracted a couple of hundred people to square dance lessons.
2003-03-04A turtle is to square dancing as ? is to ?Turtle sculture named "Square Dance"
2003-03-01Make a lot of noise...not!I keep getting these forwarded emails about supporting HR 645. I keep sending back a letter saying "don't".
2003-02-27Starting a contra calling workshopFirst night: music and timing
2003-02-26Whatever happened to Rebecca HoldenIn which we ponder the introduction and disappearance of square dancing's "international spokesperson"
2003-02-26To googleLawyers try to stop the verbization of Google
2003-02-24Who is Carl Kaye?Steel guitar player, country western band member, music studio owner, square dance caller, and now square dance music producer (behind the scenes)...
2003-02-24DOS is like calling?Should we callers be insulted by this comparison?
2003-02-231998 article on gay square dancingAlan Hurst plays a major role in this 1998 look at the gay square dance scene.
2003-02-23Interesting newsgroup threadsThreads on men in women's attire, how to call contras, and the national folk dance bill
2003-02-22Kate Clinton and Meyers-BriggIn which I go to a Kate Clinton concert and go from introversion to Meyers-Brigg, but not because of Kate...
2003-02-22More Myers-BriggsGoogling Myers-Briggs and square dance...
2003-02-19Teaching Dance
2003-02-19The National Folk Dance Thang (Again?!?)
2003-02-18MiscellaneousLittle snippets while searching on participatory dance
2003-02-13National Dance Week
2003-02-11AC/DC Revisited
2003-02-06The Perfect Caller?
2003-02-03A meeting in Southern California
2003-01-28Contra paintings
2003-01-27Drop Circle to a Line
2003-01-22Music recognitionSoftware for recognizing tunes
2003-01-22European DiscussionSome links to a discussion on singles and dress codes
2003-01-21StuffA positive article on square dancing, and musings from the weekend.
2003-01-15Dancing...what it's all about
2003-01-14From Gloria Krusemeyer
2003-01-09Just in case
2003-01-04Mailing Lists
2003-01-03Who is Gregg Ostrick?
2002-12-26Old Stuff
2002-12-23Keith Rubow's Site
2002-12-22School dancing
2002-12-20All roads lead to Amazon
2002-12-16Busy Sunday
2002-12-13Googling instead of dancing
2002-12-12Contra Dance Choreography
2002-12-12Regency callers?
2002-12-11The Doughboy Loves to Dough-Si-Dough
2002-12-10I Hate Square Dancing?
2002-12-09Google Dance
2002-12-08The contrast
2002-12-07I Love Square Dancing
2002-12-06Why we dance
2002-12-05Sammy Spring, Old Time Fiddler
2002-12-04CommunityMac ownership and square dancing
2002-12-04Buh-bye, CDNOW
2002-11-25Gone again
2002-11-24The Ol' Folk Dance Thing
2002-11-22Dance Quiz
2002-11-20Contras and MWSD
2002-11-19Online Encyclopedias
2002-11-17More fun with Google
2002-11-14Web pages
2002-11-14Contra Intro
2002-11-13Which dance?
2002-11-12Essays on Dance
2002-11-10Don't just google...googlism
2002-11-09Puns to RagsNon-choreographic ideas I used at last night's dance.
2002-11-07A couple of songs on the Hanhurst tape"I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing", "Who's Your Daddy", "Sin Wagon"
2002-11-06On the radio and new dancers
2002-11-05Smart MobsRamblings on technology
2002-11-04Contra dancing &etc.
2002-11-02Mikeside Management
2002-11-01Odds and Ends
2002-10-31Spook 'Em
2002-10-30Ketchup Revisited
2002-10-29Six Feet UnderSquare dancing in the HBO series.
2002-10-28Last Weekend
2002-10-25Newspaper Article
2002-10-24Dancing is Fun
2002-10-22Here a blog, there a blog...
2002-10-21Square Dance Animations
2002-10-20NostalgiaState fairs, plus the Google Dance
2002-10-19Odds and Ends
2002-10-18Music DataAvailable musical databases.
2002-10-17National contact info?Suppose you were on a national TV show and they asked you how someone can get more info on square dancing? What would you say?
2002-10-16Worth $15?Rule your own domain
2002-10-15Celebrate Square DancingWhen should we celebrate our activity?
2002-10-14Just back
2002-10-11Barnyard DanceCould Sandra Boynton turn square dancing around?
2002-10-10Square Dance Competitions?Should we add competitions to MWSD events? Would we attract younger people?
2002-10-10Mountain square dancing
2002-10-10Odds and Ends
2002-10-09Club DatabaseVic has a new database going on his web site.
2002-10-08Down with dress codesDislike proper square dance attire requirements? Too bad the Stamp Out Stupid Dress Codes web ring doesn't exist any more...
2002-10-05No dancing...Just personal whining.
2002-10-03Collaborative FilteringWouldn't it be cool if we could get music recommendations based on our tastes and the preferences of other callers with similar tastes?
2002-10-02Square Dancing FoolIn which we google "square dancing fool" and come across an interesting article on dance choices.
2002-10-01New Dancer DilemmaHow can a new dancer get floortime when most dances are Plus and even when they're advertised as MS, the caller still calls Plus?
2002-09-30Personal StatisticsWhere do my hits come from?
2002-09-30Cost of lettuce
2002-09-29Brain stuff
2002-09-29More health benefits
2002-09-28The crossfire over CrossfireAn unusual use of Crossfire...plus some bemoaning the overflow on the sd-callers archive.
2002-09-28College Square DancingIn remembrance of my first square dance...
2002-09-27Seven squares!
2002-09-27Dance Addiction
2002-09-24Venus and MarsDancers seem to like special figures...
2002-09-20Class Notes
2002-09-19Digital Music
2002-09-18What's a year, yet againBack up again...sort of...
2001-12-02What's a Year?Kris excuses herself for not writing.
2001-01-14Ouchy BackAll medical sites say the same thing...in the same words...not a lot of diversity.
2001-01-08Elvis Rulez!Great Southern Squares site, plus music in honor of Elvis Presley's birthday.
2000-12-27CerocSome contra dance discussion (including the Contra Dance Designer) and a description of Ceroc.
2000-12-17Social Bonding
2000-12-08MusicBeatles and Xmas Music
2000-12-01MiscellanyContra Marketing, Bette Midler, Peter Pan...
2000-11-28Sausage Memes
2000-11-27Ride the Train
2000-11-21The Sausage Guru
2000-11-15A Rose By Any Other Name
2000-11-14Too Serious
2000-11-12Online Listening
2000-11-10Caller DB
2000-11-09How Not to Sell Square Dancing
2000-11-08Marketing Callers
2000-11-05Boo Camp
2000-11-03Back Again
2000-07-10Short Stuff
2000-07-09Baltimore NSDC
2000-07-08I'm Back
2000-06-01Preserving Squares
2000-05-29Community Dance
2000-05-25What's in a word?
2000-05-22Bowling Alone
2000-05-21State Festival
2000-05-19Frogs and Taws
2000-05-16MP3 vs. MD
2000-05-15sd-callers archived
2000-05-14Los Alamos Fire
2000-05-13Online Dance Sources
2000-05-12Period Recreations
2000-05-07Making the Rounds
2000-05-05Cinco de Mayo
2000-05-04MiscellanyAlbuquerque Journal article, notes on the day
2000-05-03Mostly Music
2000-04-27Casey Kasem's Birthday
2000-04-25Music and Square Dancing
2000-04-24The Old Folk Thing
2000-04-23Happy Easter!
2000-04-22Square Dance Contras vs. Traditional Contras
2000-04-20Tenth Anniversary
2000-04-17No Web Presence
2000-04-16Pre-CALLERLAB Amusements
2000-04-14Dancing Competition
2000-04-13Square Dancing in Encyclopedias
2000-04-12Social DancingA link to social dance manuals, and more on record databases, with a discussion of Greg Malinowski's listing.
2000-04-10Record Database
2000-04-06Hoedown Music
2000-04-05Klezmer Squares?
2000-04-02Social Dancing
2000-04-01Happy April
2000-03-30Mostly Flow, Some Choreo
2000-03-29Kids' StuffSquare Dancing in Kids' books.
2000-03-28Square Dance in the (Old) News
2000-03-26Movies, Movies, MoviesA list of movies with square dancing scenes.
2000-03-25Testing, TestingComputer stuff.
2000-03-24Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?
2000-03-23Relational AnimationComment on Vic's databases and an animated square dance graphic.
2000-03-22National Folk Dance...Again?!?
2000-03-21License Plates?
2000-03-20Lloyd Shaw
2000-03-19Various web pages
2000-03-16Jerry Lewis' Birthday
2000-03-15Social Dancing
2000-03-14Mostly Music
2000-03-13Taxonomy, Ontology, Etc.
2000-03-12More Miscellany
2000-03-10Open DirectoryDirectories vs. databases and why you should sleep after a square dance lesson
2000-03-09All My Square Lesbian and Gay Dancing Children
2000-03-07Holidays, NSDC
2000-03-06Happy Birthday, GrandmaDancing on my grandmother's birthday, and Brave Combo
2000-02-26Building and Promoting
2000-02-25Health and Dancing
2000-02-24New(ish) Site
2000-02-22Folk, Contras, SquaresMostly a compilation of usenet rec.folk-dancing posts on squares and other things.
2000-02-21Conspiracies and BlogsDiscussion of Julie Mangin's articles and some musings on blogs.
2000-02-20Caller DBsA list of databases listing callers, among other things.
2000-02-16Community Hokey PokeyWhat if the hokey pokey is what it's all about?
2000-02-15Misc. Ramblings
2000-02-14Happy Valentine's Day
2000-02-13Nerds and Square DancingSome square dance descriptions particularly relevant to us tech types.
2000-02-11First Try: SDBLOGCan't find any square dance sites worthy of checking daily.
2000-02-10What's in a Name?A look at square dance domain names.
2002-10-19Digital Music ResourcesList of links on using digital music sources for square dancing
2000-06-14Hanhurst Tape June 2000
2000-05-16Hanhurst Tape May 2000
2000-04-04Hanhurst April 2000
2000-03-30Hanhurst Tape March 2000
2000-03-08Academy Award Songs
2000-03-08Academy Award Winning Songs
2000-02-12MusicRecords I bought from the February 2000 Hanhurst tape.
2000-03-29What should be in a square dance caller web site
2000-02-27Square Dancing Related URLs
2000-02-25Building a Web SiteMy opinions (and some links to others' opinions) on building a site.
2000-02-25Callers: Publicizing Yourself on the Web
2000-02-15Caller Links
2000-02-15Dancing Links
2000-02-14Publicity Ideas
2002-10-20Class Notes
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