Dancing is imperatively needed to give poise to the nerves, schooling to the emotions, strength to the will, and to harmonize the feelings and the intellect with the body that supports them
--Stanley Hall
2007-04-19Durange Barn DanceArticle with fun description of barn dance in Durange
2007-02-19Contra articleArticle from Fort Collins, Colorado
2007-02-16Contra and PoliticsA political commentator talks about politics and contra dancing
2007-02-16Challenge Square Dancing in the WikipediaWikepedia entry on challenge dancing
2007-01-31New Feature at Ceder.netNew Caller Notes feature
2006-12-19Contra Dance VideoExcellent video showing The Devil's Backbone by William Watson, with Merri Rudd calling at May Madness dance camp in Arizona in 2006.
2006-07-28Contra in AlbuquerqueJournal article
2006-07-17Article on Gay Square Dancing
2006-07-14Trendy or Just HilariousBloggers get off on square dancing...
2006-05-25Nice contra dance quote
2006-04-29Interesting article about contra dance callingMentions Dan Pearl, Sue Rosen, Rich Mohr
2006-04-29Another article about contra dancingMore dance oriented point of view from Fairbanks, Alaska
2006-04-29Another young callerTeenage brother and sister square dance; brother learns to call
2006-04-29My fave contra bandJust a notice that Amazon Creek will be playing in Newport, Oregon
2006-04-19Bay Area Queer Contra DancingNice writeup in the Bay Guardian.
2006-04-05XXTreme SquaresA new generation?
2006-03-17Dance Festival in DurhamFestival combines dancing with listening to music.
2006-02-14Contra Calling ArticleArticle about contra caller published in conjunction with the Dance Flurry.
2006-02-12Gay Square Dancing in FloridaArticle on gay square dancing in Southern Florida.
2006-01-07A Contra StoryContra at a latino party
2005-12-29It's Healthy to Square DanceArticle published in Central California
2005-12-28Higher level square dancers = vegetarians?A diatribe against higher level square dancers recruiting at lower level dances....I think.
2005-12-15Are Callers Bossy?Brevity comic strip
2005-12-08Old Time SquaresWebsite featuring CDs made from cleaned-up recordings of 78's.
2005-11-17Swing RuedaA sort of "called" swing done in a circle.
2005-11-14Square Dancing in EuropeArticle in Stars and Stripes on current European square dance scene
2005-11-09Cool Contra VideoVideo of a contra dance
2005-10-28SplogsSplogs sometimes pick up square dance stuff.
2005-10-23Dancing the Night AwayFall: time for articles about square dancing
2005-09-28Square Dance PhobiaLive Journal entry on why a woman wouldn't let her 8-year-old son take square dancing.
2005-09-19Stereotype ConfirmedA young person goes square dancing
2005-09-19Square Dance Revival?Article starts out with a teaser, but ends with the same ol'
2005-09-14Square Dance License PlatesA square dancer's license plate from Ontario, Canada.
2005-09-13Community in College?Anthropology professor's observations on community at her university.
2005-09-11Cornball Reference to Square DancingArticle in the Contra Costa Times
2005-09-09Square Dancing for All AgesPhotos and videos from the Yellow Rock and Rollers square dance club in Cupertino.
2005-09-09Square Dance HumorA blog about the Square Dance Stumblers.
2005-08-29What a feeling!Flash dancing in public places.
2005-08-28Square Dancing is the Dance of God?Weird analysis of the movie Taxi.
2005-08-24Contra MarathonReport on a marathon contra dance
2005-08-12Strange Audio?A site that "brings strange audio to the masses" features square dancing.
2005-08-08Archetypal Newspaper CoverageYour basic typical newspaper story about square danciing
2005-08-03Square Dancing and MeditationSquare dancing as a way of achieving mindfulness
2005-08-03Homeschooling and square dancingHomeschool your kid so they don't have to square dance.
2005-06-30Chi-Town Squares (and Michael Maltenfort) on the radioNPR commentary on gay square dancing and straight attendees
2005-06-22Do you know your ABCs?An experimental program from the South Texas callers.
2005-06-07Nice article on gay square dancingArticle from the Columbia News Service on gay square dancing.
2005-04-14What Kind of Caller Are You?A quiz for contra callers...with relevance to square dance callers also
2005-01-08A political contra danceFour More Years by Steve Recchia
2005-01-07New contra dance article
2004-12-28iTunes iMixI just published a playlist to Apple's iTunes music store...
2004-12-21Another Nice Contra Dance ArticleFrom the L.A. Times, emphasizing fitness.
2004-12-21What kind of D&D character am I?
2004-12-20Square Dancing for Cultural AnthropologyA nice blog entry...
2004-12-10Academic Square DancingIn which I do a Google Scholar search on square dancing.
2004-12-03Square Dancing Gets "Pickled"Gym class square dancing is the subject of a SportsPickle (satirical website) story.
2004-10-21Missing in ActionSummary of what I've been up to
2004-10-21DeliciousUsing del.icio.us
2004-10-21Fun in PAA blogger's description of "professional" square dance "practices".
2004-09-13Contra AnalnessIn which I totally weird out my co-callers...
2004-09-12Square Dance Video w/ WheelchairVideo shows a square with one wheelchair dancer.
2004-09-12Gotta peeFunny tales of callers and bathrooms
2004-09-0253rd NSDC: gone from the webThe 53rd National Square Dance Convention's website is gone.
2004-09-01Terrifying Square Dance PicturesPictures from a "square dancing ritual" at college.
2004-09-01Dancarchy ReignsDancing in the streets of New York--a fun way to protest.
2004-08-30World Square DanceThe idea of a technologically-based world square dance is being resurrected.
2004-08-15Dance Blog EntriesBlog entries relating to square and contra dancing
2004-08-12Square Dance Club with BlogAnother way to keep club members up to date.
2004-07-14West Mabou Square Dancing?Sounds like fun...whatever it is...
2004-07-13Red and BlueI'm a blue person trying to make it in a red environment...
2004-07-13More Red BlueA link to a Christian Science Monitor article on the red/blue division.
2004-07-12Square Dancing Tractors RevisitedA couple of links for the square dancing tractors.
2004-07-09Square Dancing PornThis really is XXX stuff, done in old time square dancing style.
2004-06-28Sittin' in the airportToo tired to blog, but here's a video clip from Hotlanta Squares in Atlanta.
2004-06-17J. Appleseed SocietyAn organization to promote community-building activities, especially participatory arts and leisure activities.
2004-06-07Camera phones and weblogsHow about a weblog featuring camera phone photos from various square dance events?
2004-05-25Kind of crummyA bummer that gaysquaredancing.org only deals with naked men square dancing.
2004-05-19Old Time Herald: Dare to be SquareInteresting article comparing modern contras and old time squares.
2004-05-19Square Dancing HangmanJust a little online game....
2004-05-18Square Dance Birthday CardFunny card from Recycled Paper.
2004-05-18Amazingly Beautiful Square Dance WebsiteA website detailing the creation and stories behind stained glass windows created by gay square dancers in San Francisco. Check it out!
2004-05-13A Square Dance Horror StoryHow square dancing can magnify normal adolescent trauma...
2004-05-12National Square Dance Convention Open to PublicHere's an ad to the public, inviting them to come and both watch and participate.
2004-05-11Teen version of square dance festivalLive Journal entry on going to the Silver State Festival.
2004-05-10Yellow Rocks in NYcNYT article about some guy giving free hugs in Greenwich Village.
2004-05-04Square Dance Reality Show?A weblog discusses the prospect
2004-05-03Made me smileNYT Headline: Hoping to attract callers to the internet
2004-05-01Very cool feature added to Vic's Event DatabaseRelational database technology and fun with photos...
2004-04-29Contra dance categorizationHow to tell when two contra dances are "similar"?
2004-04-28Nice Contra Dance ArticleLive Journal post includes a full article on contra dancing
2004-04-26A Caller with a Live Journal blogRumblepurr goes to State.
2004-04-26Square dancing fucking rocks bitches, don't hateAnother Live Journal entry on the State Festival...from a completely different point of view.
2004-04-25Caller School CommunityWhy don't more caller schools do stuff to build community?
2004-04-25Boston Globe article on Gender-Free Contra DancingNice article, most of which could apply to GLBT Square Dancing
2004-04-21Worst SongsBlender Magazine has a list of 50 worst songs...some of which have been made into singing call records.
2004-04-15Chicago TV TomorrowGolden Horse Ranch square dancing on TV.
2004-04-13A Visit from Tim EumRound dance cuer Tim Eum visited Monday night.
2004-04-13A Health TipFrom a service that gives daily health tips.
2004-04-12Gay City UniversityPuddletown Dancers is offering A Taste of Square Dancing as part of Seattle's Gay City University event on May 22.
2004-04-12A Square Dancer and the HugosA square dancing friend of mine, David Levine, has been nominated for a 2004 Hugo.
2004-04-06Is Modern Square Dancing an oxymoron?Do the words "modern" and "square dancing" make people laugh?
2004-04-04Pre-CALLERLAB DoingsSaturday at the Reno Hilton
2004-04-03The High-Level DancerA poem from 1953
2004-04-02Off to CALLERLABIn Reno until Wednesday.
2004-03-31Caller reviewsNothing like reading weblogs for opinions on callers...
2004-03-29Just a souvenirMy very first record
2004-03-27Warning: Square Dance CallerWebsite for making warning signs.
2004-03-26Barn DancesA useful site for info on barn dances in England (aka English-style ceilidhs).
2004-03-23Stuff on WikiWiki vs. email lists
2004-03-23Square Dance T-ShirtSquares dancing
2004-03-17Cheesey? Yup...Square dance buckle auctioned off on eBay.
2004-03-13A LiveJournal contingent decides to take up square dancingLiveJournalist remembers how much fun she had square dancing and decides to do it again.
2004-03-10Gender-free contra coming to San FranciscoChris Ricciotti is coming out to call for the first gender-free contra event in the Bay Area.
2004-03-09Seek Ye a Square DancerWant to learn to square dance? Find a square dancer...
2004-03-08Macintosh SdttySquare dance choreography for Mac OS X.
2004-03-04Three articles from WiredCommunity, Virtual Reality, Memory...
2004-03-04It was fun to watch...
2004-03-03Dare to be Square!A traditional square dance calling workshop.
2004-03-02RIP Palmer
2004-03-02How do we get new dancers to come again?Interesting usenet thread on getting first-time dancers to come again.
2004-02-29CALLERLAB MS and Plus DefinitionsCALLERLAB MS and Plus Definitions available as PalmReader documents.
2004-02-28Tonight's the nightThe Open End Barn Dance Apocalypse and Box Social
2004-02-28The Henzel PlanAn online version (edited and revised) of Ian Henzel's ChiTown Squares recruiting program.
2004-02-28Square Dance PicturesBlack and white and kinda arty...
2004-02-26Square Dancing PicturesSome pictures from a square dance at bcm (whatever that is)...
2004-02-25Not square dance related...just more importantDay of infamy
2004-02-24Lucy...a square dance caller?Another stupid quiz result.
2004-02-22First report on Bay Area new callers workshopThe first report shows up on Live Journal of course.
2004-02-20Live Journal: Funny and happyA few happier posts today.
2004-02-19Must be the seasonLive Journals have lots of kiddies griping about square dancing.
2004-02-17Toronto Star article on gay square dancingNice article on the Triangle Squares and Don St. Jean.
2004-02-16More Live JournalJust a little more peeking into people's lives.
2004-02-15Square Dancing and Live JournalTapping into the Live Journal square dancing world.
2004-02-13The 2nd Annual Open End Barn Dance ApocalypseA "punk square dance" event might give us some ideas...
2004-02-13Blame Someone Else DayIt's the first Friday the 13th of the year.
2004-02-12Newer Caller Workshop and DanceRich Reel has put together an intensive day for new callers in the Bay Area.
2004-02-1195 and Still DancingChicago ABC News story on a square dancing 95-year-old.
2004-02-11Vic's site gets bloggedFound a (non-square dancing) blog reference to Vic Ceder's site.
2004-02-10Square dancing and teen blogsReferences to square dancing generally aren't pretty.
2004-02-07Five squares!First new dancer session of the new year looks good.
2004-02-06Calling for kidsDudley Laufman provides some nice dances for dealing with a roomful of kids.
2004-02-05Great article on square dancing in Marin CountyReally good publicity:
2004-02-05DC Lambda SquaresThe DC Lambdas get profiled in Washington DC's Metro Weekly magazine.
2004-02-03Square Dancing and PoliticsDemocrats reign at Desert Valley Squares.
2004-02-01States I've Visited
2004-01-28Square Dancing in WeblogsUsing PubSub and RSS to find references
2004-01-24Crooked StovepipeA traditional square called by Ralph Page.
2004-01-21Square Dance PhotosCheck out some square dancing photos on the Webshots site.
2004-01-20Finally!Someone (Allan Hurst to be exact) actually adds something to the wiki...
2004-01-19FolkMADS DanceThe dance went well.
2004-01-15Many irons on the firePretty busy these days; the weblog is suffering...
2004-01-15More Crossover StuffLearning MWSD for contra dancers
2004-01-07Where's Kris?In San Francisco.
2004-01-03Brits and YanksCross-cultural comparisons (vis a vis dancing, of course)
2003-12-311950's DancePrepping for the ECR dance.
2003-12-29Ralph Page LegacyHere are syllabi from the weekend and digitized copies of Northern Junket.
2003-12-29Sikorsky SingsMike Sikorsky has a new CD.
2003-12-25The Grinch that Stole ContraA couple of Dr. Seuss takeoffs for the holidays
2003-12-25More Henry MorgensteinAnother look at Henry's essays.
2003-12-23Square Dancing in Nigeria
2003-11-10Contras on Sunday NightsCalled some more contras.
2003-11-07Great article on Times SquaresA New Jersey paper covers the Times Squares fly-in.
2003-10-28More from WWNMore on the Weekly World News story about mandatory square dancing.
2003-10-27Bush to Require Square DancingCheck out the Weekly World News' report.
2003-10-26SquareZ: Terrorist Attack Victim?SquareZ was shut down by a terrorist attack last week.
2003-10-22New version of Dancing for Busy PeopleCal Campbell has released a new revised edition of his book, Dancing for Busy People.
2003-10-14Trad-sdRevitalized email group, trad-sd, is one of the best I'm on.
2003-10-11Blast from the pastDick Oakes' page on folk dance coffee houses brings back memories.
2003-10-11Another blog entry about square dancingThis one's from a British blog.
2003-10-11Don't square dance while running a marathonAnother blog entry mentioning square dancing.
2003-10-11Newsweek mentions contra dancingIn a "special advertising section," Newsweek suggests contra as a good exercise.
2003-10-11A Modern "Who's on First"Not dancing...just funny.
2003-09-28Keeping them interestedAn interesting thread in rec.folk-dancing on challenging dances, good style, keeping dances accessible to newcomers and other stuff.
2003-09-24Lookin' for a gay C&W starGay square dancing gets a mention in an article about "American Pride".
2003-09-18Search termsSome searches that have brought surfers to this site
2003-09-16Weird dance searchesThis not-so-great search site leads to not totally related to square dancing sites.
2003-09-15Expo New Mexico!Square Dancers at the Fair
2003-09-12Johnny Cash RIPSad day, but appropriate to do Johnny Cash songs.
2003-09-11Ghirt and Felt ThruCalling gimmick transcription
2003-09-10Interesting song titlesThe music is fun, but the titles are funner.
2003-09-09Successful Dance-a-rama 2003Called at Dance-a-rama 2003 over Labor Day Weekend; a great time was had by all.
2003-08-22Century Books
2003-08-22Glen Echo PicturesInteresting before (bumper car pavilion) and after (Spanish Ballroom) dance pictures.
2003-08-21Another description of square dancing's fascinationA quote from Gary Welch
2003-08-20Another health/square dancing pageFrom a Swedish software company:
2003-08-20Challenge Dancing MP3sMP3s available for the 2003 AACE
2003-08-20Square Dancing's FascinationA quote from Keith Rubow's site
2003-08-19Flame WarriorsA description of characters you might meet online (even in sd-callers?)
2003-08-18Nothing to do with square dancingFoxtrot cartoon
2003-08-17Use it and lose itAdvertising slogan I heard today...
2003-08-16Good Club NameThe Square Roots - a teaching club
2003-08-16Square Dancing for Music TeachersA collection of CDs for teaching square dancing
2003-08-16Visual Thesaurus: Dancing Words?NYT Article: Swing Your Partner: A Square Dance of Synonyms and Antonyms
2003-08-15A weird eventA square dancing experiment?
2003-08-15Contra vs. Squares (from a cross-dressing POV)Cross-dressers invited to a contra dance...
2003-08-14Another folk festivalThe San Francisco Free Folk Festival
2003-08-14Schizoid Club in SFTwo domains, two looks, two audiences?
2003-08-14Articles on Gay Square DancingA circuitous path to a Mercury News article
2003-08-13A few pixPictures from a traditional square dance in San Francisco.
2003-08-13Another square dancer with a blogA former square dancer now keeps a blog.
2003-08-13I Am A Square Dance CallerFrom Bill Boyd, editor, American Square Dance Magazine
2003-08-12Great ArticlesCheck out Allan Hurst's new site.
2003-08-07Oh good griefLife just gets more complicated...
2003-08-06Web PublicityHow to find a caller in Albuquerque
2003-08-04ErrataFixing some errors among other things
2003-07-24Square Dancing ArticlesNice articles about square dancing at MIT and in South Carolina
2003-07-14Contra Caling AdventureIn which I call half a dance.
2003-07-12Contra CrossoversIn which searching for contras leads me to a great domain name and somebody that I'd like to hear call sometime.
2003-07-12Barstool DancingClark Baker's writeup on barstool dancing.
2003-07-12FandangoPrepping for the contra dance (with interspersed ECD)
2003-07-11MeetUp.comReal face-to-face community building on the internet.
2003-07-11Contra classificationsAnimal contras...
2003-07-11Dance HistoryAn alphabetical list of various dance forms.
2003-07-10Dance T-Shirts and MoreA look at the Dance-a-Runi website.
2003-07-09MarketingHow to market nonprofits
2003-07-08Back from Anchors AweighI'm back, and I'm tired...
2003-06-28Square Dancing All Over the WorldPicture of square dancers across Africa and Europe
2003-06-27Square Dancing Records as KaraokeCaller's equipment and records in the late 60's = karaoke?
2003-06-26More on Google AdvertisingGoogle ads on your website...
2003-06-25Nobody wants to advertise to square dancers...Google ad words: nothing appears when searching on "square dance".
2003-06-23Use it or lose it...More support for square dancing as the perfect activity...
2003-06-18Off to AACE27 hours of C3A!
2003-06-16Archivessd-callers now archived
2003-06-13Blame Someone Else Day
2003-06-09Another Google EntryHow to search efficiently with Google.
2003-06-09Square dancing and cauliflower?Lifestyle choices quote from a weblog.
2003-06-09Square dancing and politics?Newsweek swings its partners left and right.
2003-06-06ExactitudesDress codes and uniformity
2003-06-061981Stuff going on 22 years ago.
2003-06-05Cute animated gifDon't normally like animations on a website, but this is a cool dance.
2003-06-02Article on Gay Square DancingNice writeup in the San Francisco Chronicle
2003-05-31YASvCTYet Another Squares vs. Contras Thread (over on rec.folk-dancing).
2003-05-30Square Dance BlogsAre there others?
2003-05-29Power Outage etc.SquareZ goes down, plus a couple of comments.
2003-05-29Square Dance VideoCheck out gay square dancing at the Boots In Squares page.
2003-05-22On the digital music front...the iPodMight be able to use an iPod for square dance music in the future.
2003-05-17Dance HistoryInteresting performing troup in San Francisco
2003-05-17Contra in New HampshirePublic television show with a contra segment.
2003-05-15Pictures from the State FestivalDancers doing the square dance thing in Ruidoso.
2003-05-14ChickensWe celebrated National Dance Like A Chicken Day today.
2003-05-12From Rang Tang to PlayfordIt all boils down to how to integrate newbies while entertaining lifers.
2003-05-10Direct from the State FestivalReport from Ruidoso
2003-05-10Useful SiteA good site for A&C dancers in the Southwest.
2003-05-09State Festival TimeThis weekend is New Mexico's State Square and Round Dance Festival.
2003-05-08AggregationCheck what's new in SquareZ in your news aggregator.
2003-05-08Square Dance ConspiracyDid square dancers take over New Jersey AT&T in 1988?
2003-05-08CSS Descrambling HoedownWho'd a thunk that free speech, the DMCA, and square dance vernacular would merge in a hoedowned algorithm?
2003-05-08"It's fun and I don't see why nobody does it anymore"A description of square dancing?
2003-05-06It's true--Challenge is ChallengingIn which I determine that I don't know nothin'...
2003-05-05Busy WeekendCalling, dancing, eating...what could be better
2003-05-05Looking for a partner?New web site tries to match dance partners
2003-05-05Dance, dance, danceCheck out these dance moves.
2003-05-02Contra Calling TonightBig dance tonight...
2003-05-01Call Analysis SheetPDF version of my call analysis sheet.
2003-04-30Apple Music Store and square dancingLooking up "square dance" at the music store
2003-04-29Square Dancing ButtsSquare dancing cigarettes
2003-04-29Old Time Square Dance CompetitionFor square dance competition, go to Canada...
2003-04-28Square Dance MarketingSouthern California dancers get organized.
2003-04-27State Folk DanceAn article from the Guardian
2003-04-27Learn to square dance in BostonCan one learn MS in a 6-week course?
2003-04-25Contra Dance PlanningThe class prepares for its graduation dance.
2003-04-23Fritz Lang and Square Dancing?Strange reference to square dancing in a Fritz Lang movie
2003-04-22Boring?Could I be this boring?
2003-04-22Good contra siteGreat description of contra dancing
2003-04-21This past weekendCalling in Denver, driving long distances
2003-04-21Next Year's CALLERLABWhat about the Reno Hilton?
2003-04-17Back from CALLERLAB4 days of sleep deprivation and information overload...what a concept!
2003-04-09From board games to square dancing?Gen Xers are starting to play board games. Is square dancing far behind?
2003-04-05QuietNo talking, but some dancing...
2003-04-05Yet another exampleDon't put automatic music on websites!
2003-03-17The Fifties - Square Dance Heyday?Smokin', drinkin', and dancin' (square dancing, that is...)
2003-03-12Tips for Dancing with Inexperienced DancersA nice list for contra dancers. Useful for square dancers also.
2003-03-12Trekking and ContraYoung trekkers discover contra dancing.
2003-03-11Bento and VampiresMy favorite fanzine and Andrei Codrescu's tale of vampires at airports.
2003-03-10Chain Reaction - notAn "unusual" use of Chain Reaction
2003-03-10Hokey Pokey revisitedOld joke reappears...but is the hokey pokey really like square dancing?
2003-03-10Surrounded by noise...I mean music...Previous and Next links in webring go to sites with auto-music
2003-03-09Google censusAnother silly google search
2003-03-08A Silly Square Dance SongQuicktime video of a kids' entertainer doing a sit down square dance
2003-03-08Good dancersLink to an article on good contra and square dancing
2003-03-07Old dancersThread in rec.folk-dancing about dealing with an older dancer
2003-03-05Great square dance articleAn article on square dancing in Kansas City, that, according to an email, attracted a couple of hundred people to square dance lessons.
2003-03-04A turtle is to square dancing as ? is to ?Turtle sculture named "Square Dance"
2003-03-01Make a lot of noise...not!I keep getting these forwarded emails about supporting HR 645. I keep sending back a letter saying "don't".
2003-02-27Starting a contra calling workshopFirst night: music and timing
2003-02-26Whatever happened to Rebecca HoldenIn which we ponder the introduction and disappearance of square dancing's "international spokesperson"
2003-02-26To googleLawyers try to stop the verbization of Google
2003-02-24Who is Carl Kaye?Steel guitar player, country western band member, music studio owner, square dance caller, and now square dance music producer (behind the scenes)...
2003-02-24DOS is like calling?Should we callers be insulted by this comparison?
2003-02-231998 article on gay square dancingAlan Hurst plays a major role in this 1998 look at the gay square dance scene.
2003-02-23Interesting newsgroup threadsThreads on men in women's attire, how to call contras, and the national folk dance bill
2003-02-22Kate Clinton and Meyers-BriggIn which I go to a Kate Clinton concert and go from introversion to Meyers-Brigg, but not because of Kate...
2003-02-22More Myers-BriggsGoogling Myers-Briggs and square dance...
2003-02-19Teaching Dance
2003-02-19The National Folk Dance Thang (Again?!?)
2003-02-18MiscellaneousLittle snippets while searching on participatory dance
2003-02-13National Dance Week
2003-02-11AC/DC Revisited
2003-02-06The Perfect Caller?
2003-02-03A meeting in Southern California
2003-01-28Contra paintings
2003-01-27Drop Circle to a Line
2003-01-22Music recognitionSoftware for recognizing tunes
2003-01-22European DiscussionSome links to a discussion on singles and dress codes
2003-01-21StuffA positive article on square dancing, and musings from the weekend.
2003-01-15Dancing...what it's all about
2003-01-14From Gloria Krusemeyer
2003-01-09Just in case
2003-01-04Mailing Lists
2003-01-03Who is Gregg Ostrick?
2002-12-26Old Stuff
2002-12-23Keith Rubow's Site
2002-12-22School dancing
2002-12-20All roads lead to Amazon
2002-12-16Busy Sunday
2002-12-13Googling instead of dancing
2002-12-12Contra Dance Choreography
2002-12-12Regency callers?
2002-12-11The Doughboy Loves to Dough-Si-Dough
2002-12-10I Hate Square Dancing?
2002-12-09Google Dance
2002-12-08The contrast
2002-12-07I Love Square Dancing
2002-12-06Why we dance
2002-12-05Sammy Spring, Old Time Fiddler
2002-12-04CommunityMac ownership and square dancing
2002-12-04Buh-bye, CDNOW
2002-11-25Gone again
2002-11-24The Ol' Folk Dance Thing
2002-11-22Dance Quiz
2002-11-20Contras and MWSD
2002-11-19Online Encyclopedias
2002-11-17More fun with Google
2002-11-14Web pages
2002-11-14Contra Intro
2002-11-13Which dance?
2002-11-12Essays on Dance
2002-11-10Don't just google...googlism
2002-11-09Puns to RagsNon-choreographic ideas I used at last night's dance.
2002-11-07A couple of songs on the Hanhurst tape"I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing", "Who's Your Daddy", "Sin Wagon"
2002-11-06On the radio and new dancers
2002-11-05Smart MobsRamblings on technology
2002-11-04Contra dancing &etc.
2002-11-02Mikeside Management
2002-11-01Odds and Ends
2002-10-31Spook 'Em
2002-10-30Ketchup Revisited
2002-10-29Six Feet UnderSquare dancing in the HBO series.
2002-10-28Last Weekend
2002-10-25Newspaper Article
2002-10-24Dancing is Fun
2002-10-22Here a blog, there a blog...
2002-10-21Square Dance Animations
2002-10-20NostalgiaState fairs, plus the Google Dance
2002-10-19Odds and Ends
2002-10-18Music DataAvailable musical databases.
2002-10-17National contact info?Suppose you were on a national TV show and they asked you how someone can get more info on square dancing? What would you say?
2002-10-16Worth $15?Rule your own domain
2002-10-15Celebrate Square DancingWhen should we celebrate our activity?
2002-10-14Just back
2002-10-11Barnyard DanceCould Sandra Boynton turn square dancing around?
2002-10-10Square Dance Competitions?Should we add competitions to MWSD events? Would we attract younger people?
2002-10-10Mountain square dancing
2002-10-10Odds and Ends
2002-10-09Club DatabaseVic has a new database going on his web site.
2002-10-08Down with dress codesDislike proper square dance attire requirements? Too bad the Stamp Out Stupid Dress Codes web ring doesn't exist any more...
2002-10-05No dancing...Just personal whining.
2002-10-03Collaborative FilteringWouldn't it be cool if we could get music recommendations based on our tastes and the preferences of other callers with similar tastes?
2002-10-02Square Dancing FoolIn which we google "square dancing fool" and come across an interesting article on dance choices.
2002-10-01New Dancer DilemmaHow can a new dancer get floortime when most dances are Plus and even when they're advertised as MS, the caller still calls Plus?
2002-09-30Personal StatisticsWhere do my hits come from?
2002-09-30Cost of lettuce
2002-09-29Brain stuff
2002-09-29More health benefits
2002-09-28The crossfire over CrossfireAn unusual use of Crossfire...plus some bemoaning the overflow on the sd-callers archive.
2002-09-28College Square DancingIn remembrance of my first square dance...
2002-09-27Seven squares!
2002-09-27Dance Addiction
2002-09-24Venus and MarsDancers seem to like special figures...
2002-09-20Class Notes
2002-09-19Digital Music
2002-09-18What's a year, yet againBack up again...sort of...
2001-12-02What's a Year?Kris excuses herself for not writing.
2001-01-14Ouchy BackAll medical sites say the same thing...in the same words...not a lot of diversity.
2001-01-08Elvis Rulez!Great Southern Squares site, plus music in honor of Elvis Presley's birthday.
2000-12-27CerocSome contra dance discussion (including the Contra Dance Designer) and a description of Ceroc.
2000-12-17Social Bonding
2000-12-08MusicBeatles and Xmas Music
2000-12-01MiscellanyContra Marketing, Bette Midler, Peter Pan...
2000-11-28Sausage Memes
2000-11-27Ride the Train
2000-11-21The Sausage Guru
2000-11-15A Rose By Any Other Name
2000-11-14Too Serious
2000-11-12Online Listening
2000-11-10Caller DB
2000-11-09How Not to Sell Square Dancing
2000-11-08Marketing Callers
2000-11-05Boo Camp
2000-11-03Back Again
2000-07-10Short Stuff
2000-07-09Baltimore NSDC
2000-07-08I'm Back
2000-06-01Preserving Squares
2000-05-29Community Dance
2000-05-25What's in a word?
2000-05-22Bowling Alone
2000-05-21State Festival
2000-05-19Frogs and Taws
2000-05-16MP3 vs. MD
2000-05-15sd-callers archived
2000-05-14Los Alamos Fire
2000-05-13Online Dance Sources
2000-05-12Period Recreations
2000-05-07Making the Rounds
2000-05-05Cinco de Mayo
2000-05-04MiscellanyAlbuquerque Journal article, notes on the day
2000-05-03Mostly Music
2000-04-27Casey Kasem's Birthday
2000-04-25Music and Square Dancing
2000-04-24The Old Folk Thing
2000-04-23Happy Easter!
2000-04-22Square Dance Contras vs. Traditional Contras
2000-04-20Tenth Anniversary
2000-04-17No Web Presence
2000-04-16Pre-CALLERLAB Amusements
2000-04-14Dancing Competition
2000-04-13Square Dancing in Encyclopedias
2000-04-12Social DancingA link to social dance manuals, and more on record databases, with a discussion of Greg Malinowski's listing.
2000-04-10Record Database
2000-04-06Hoedown Music
2000-04-05Klezmer Squares?
2000-04-02Social Dancing
2000-04-01Happy April
2000-03-30Mostly Flow, Some Choreo
2000-03-29Kids' StuffSquare Dancing in Kids' books.
2000-03-28Square Dance in the (Old) News
2000-03-26Movies, Movies, MoviesA list of movies with square dancing scenes.
2000-03-25Testing, TestingComputer stuff.
2000-03-24Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?
2000-03-23Relational AnimationComment on Vic's databases and an animated square dance graphic.
2000-03-22National Folk Dance...Again?!?
2000-03-21License Plates?
2000-03-20Lloyd Shaw
2000-03-19Various web pages
2000-03-16Jerry Lewis' Birthday
2000-03-15Social Dancing
2000-03-14Mostly Music
2000-03-13Taxonomy, Ontology, Etc.
2000-03-12More Miscellany
2000-03-10Open DirectoryDirectories vs. databases and why you should sleep after a square dance lesson
2000-03-09All My Square Lesbian and Gay Dancing Children
2000-03-07Holidays, NSDC
2000-03-06Happy Birthday, GrandmaDancing on my grandmother's birthday, and Brave Combo
2000-02-26Building and Promoting
2000-02-25Health and Dancing
2000-02-24New(ish) Site
2000-02-22Folk, Contras, SquaresMostly a compilation of usenet rec.folk-dancing posts on squares and other things.
2000-02-21Conspiracies and BlogsDiscussion of Julie Mangin's articles and some musings on blogs.
2000-02-20Caller DBsA list of databases listing callers, among other things.
2000-02-16Community Hokey PokeyWhat if the hokey pokey is what it's all about?
2000-02-15Misc. Ramblings
2000-02-14Happy Valentine's Day
2000-02-13Nerds and Square DancingSome square dance descriptions particularly relevant to us tech types.
2000-02-11First Try: SDBLOGCan't find any square dance sites worthy of checking daily.
2000-02-10What's in a Name?A look at square dance domain names.
2002-10-19Digital Music ResourcesList of links on using digital music sources for square dancing
2000-06-14Hanhurst Tape June 2000
2000-05-16Hanhurst Tape May 2000
2000-04-04Hanhurst April 2000
2000-03-30Hanhurst Tape March 2000
2000-03-08Academy Award Songs
2000-03-08Academy Award Winning Songs
2000-02-12MusicRecords I bought from the February 2000 Hanhurst tape.
2000-03-29What should be in a square dance caller web site
2000-02-27Square Dancing Related URLs
2000-02-25Building a Web SiteMy opinions (and some links to others' opinions) on building a site.
2000-02-25Callers: Publicizing Yourself on the Web
2000-02-15Caller Links
2000-02-15Dancing Links
2000-02-14Publicity Ideas
2002-10-20Class Notes
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