You know they's some sense to square dancin'. Why I rather see younguns dance that way then to try to do that crazy jitterbug stuff. Ain't no sense to it at all. Jumpin round like crazy loons or monkeys trying to climb a tree, that ain't dancin'. They aint no sense to it.
--Sammy Spring
May 18, 2000

Here's where I'll be in August: Crosstrail Thru Eugene campsite. Come on out for some camping and dancing!

Here's a list of mailing lists related to various folk dance forms (yes, square dancing is listed...): ListServs on Folk Dancing May 2000

Just for fun: a little drag and drop poetry.

Musical ideas for the day: today is the anniversary of the Mt. St. Helens eruption in 1980 (Blow Your Top Day). Which means it would be a good day to play Volcano (Mountain 118).

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