... in general, the Anglo-Irish do not make good dancers; they are too spritely and conscious; they are incapable of one kind of trance or of being seemingly impersonal. And, for the formal, pure dance they lack the formality: about their stylishness (for they have stylishness) there is something impromptu, slightly disorderly.
--Elizabeth Bowen
Glen Echo Pictures
August 22, 2003

A number of months ago, the Spanish Ballroom at Glen Echo Park in the Washington DC area was closed for renovations. Friday night and Sunday night contra dances moved to the bumper car pavilion for the duration. (That's where I danced when I had a chance to attend the Sunday night dance in February.)

Last month, the renovated Spanish Ballroom reopened.

Here's a page with pictures from the last dance in the bumper car pavilion and the first dance in the Spanish Ballroom.

The site belongs to Eva Murray, who joins my list of crossover contra/MWSD dancers. She's a contra caller, but she and her husband are dancing MWSD a couple of times a week (when it doesn't conflict with a contra dance).

Bill (bill@billeyler.com) August 25, 2003 06:17:29 PM

I FINALLY realized today that there is a very subtle color difference in the hyperlinks v the actual body of the text in your comments! To me, the hyperlinks are a very deep teal blue, barely a perceptible diffence from the text...just accidently found that there were links when I moved my cursor over them by accident! :-)
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