Square dancing is life, the rest is just details.
--West Mabou Sports Club T-Shirt
July 11, 2003

I guess I'm a little behind, but I hadn't come across MeetUp.com before. It's a free site to facilitate local face-to-face (meatspace as oppposed to cyberspace) meetings among people with common interests. Not really relevant for square dancers, since our interest requires real people in real time playing together, but I think it's cool that the internet is being used to facilitate local community. Currently, the largest groups seem to be Dean for President gatherings. Maybe people will get hooked on actual physical meetings, and look for other venues. And what could be better than square dancing--physical contact and interaction, a major sense of teamwork, and a little physical and mental exercise to boot...can't beat it for overall health.

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Kris Jensen

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