When the song is perfect and the call is perfect and the square is perfect, life doesn't get any better.
--Eddie Careri (Times Squares)
Don't just google...googlism
November 10, 2002

Want to see yourself as google sees you? Check out Googlism, where you can enter yours (or somebody else's) name and how web pages would describe you.

For example, I entered my name (of course) and got:
  1. kris jensen is a top 12 teacher recent honorees
  2. kris jensen is the club caller or cuer
  3. kris jensen is project leader for sdsm&t
  4. kris jensen is responsible for networking
  5. kris jensen is an amazing and wonderful caller
  6. kris jensen is the third book set on the world of ardel where the natives experience esp as a genetic attribute that emerges with the stage of
  7. kris jensen is active in the community surrounding southwest district court
  8. kris jensen is working for fluor
Obviously, only a couple (sort of) apply to me. No. 6 is about Kris Jensen, the science fiction author, who, unfortunately, doesn't have a web site.

Now, here's a (slightly edited) list of what you get if you enter "square dancing":
You can get the unedited results here. Put it all together, and square dancing sounds like a really intriguing activity, don't you think?

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