Those who dance are considered insane by those who can't hear the music.
--George Carlin
Down with dress codes
October 08, 2002

We'd never see anything like this in MWSD, where hard-core, gender-based clothing is not only preferred, but required at most events.

Here's a page from Switzerland, detailing the advantages (for men) of skirts over pants. And here's an article about a girl who won the right to wear pants under her graduation gown (the school had a dress code that specified that girls had to wear dresses under the gown). Apparently, this is not an uncommon issue; here's an NCLR article about a 2002 Florida case.

How about a Stamp Out Stupid Dress Codes web ring? Looks like it doesn't exist any more, though; too bad! Also too bad many of the links at the No Tie Zone are broken.

Here's a good square dance club name: Stormy-Dyke-Dancers. Almost worth a trip to Germany!

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