I could have danced all night,
I could have danced all night,
And still have begged for more.
--Lerner and Loewe, from My Fair Lady
Seven squares!
September 27, 2002

Thursday was an exciting day for AWK: we danced seven squares during the class part of the evening. That sets a record for this group.

I tried googling "seven squares" just to see what would come up. Mostly quilting and math things. On the third page, I found this reference to a "chain reaction" quilt.

Then I found a page of icebreakers for family reunions. This remnded me of an activity in the women's room at Cloverleafs & Maple Leafs. The organizers passed out papers with squares. Each square had a characteristic (mostly related to square dancing) in it: things like: "Is a caller", "has been president of a square dance club", "has been dancing more than 10 years", etc. People had to find others that matched the characteristics and get them to initial the matching square. You couldn't use one person for more than one square.

I was too busy dancing to take part, but those who did, including my girlfriend, had a great time. It worked well at getting a bunch of strangers to learn something about each other.

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