Midnight shout and revelry,
Tipsy dance and jollity.
--John Milton
Elvis Rulez!
January 08, 2001

This is a GREAT site: SOUTHERN SQUARES IN THE CASCADE COUNTRY. Lots of information about figures (which could be used by MWSD callers, especially when calling party dances, but even for fun at a regular dance), information (with AUDIO EXAMPLES) about calling these types of figures, and just an overall well-designed and attractive site.

Today is Elvis' birthday, so it's definitely the day to break out your Elvis songs, your Elvis wigs, your Elvis Las Vegas suits. There are lots of square dancing covers of Elvis hits; here are the ones that I own:

Then there are the songs about Elvis or that mention Elvis; here are two:

Songs at the top of the charts today (that I know there are square dance versions off)

1947: The Old Lamplighter
1956: Sixteen Tons
1965: Love Potion Number Nine
1992: Love, Me

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