Nothing appears to me to give the children so much becoming confidence and behavior, and so to raise them to the conversation of those above their age, as dancing. I think they should be taught to dance as soon as they are capable of learning it, for, though it consist only of outward gracefullness of motion, yet I know not how, it gives children manly thoughts and carriage more than any thing.
--John Locke
Fourth week of April: TV-Turnoff Week
From this site: Millions of children and adults around the world will turn off their televisions and discover that life without TV may just be more rewarding, fun, and relaxing.

This seems like a good opportunity to promote square dancing as an alternative family activity. Maybe square dancers could offer some special family dances during this week to provide a fun activity to fill those hours that are normally spent vegging in front of the TV. Maybe the clubs running multi-cycle programs could make sure there's a new session starting during TV-Turnoff Week and make an effort to get folks hooked on dancing.

Square dancing and the folks who do it have always been pretty firmly embedded in mainstream American culture. Turning off the TV is almost seen as counter-cultural, so the people promoting it are a little "out of the mainstream". But you know what? Group dancing has become a little "out of the mainstream" too. (Politics on) The corporate powers that control so much of the media have a vested interest in keeping us as passive consumers, mindlessly watching TV (especially the ads) and consuming the stuff that's pushed in the ads. Square dancing is almost subversive; there's little consumption involved (especially if we get rid of special clothing), and when you're dancing, you're not watching mass media idiocy. (Politics off).
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